Deck of Cards Workout

A boredom-busting, do-anywhere program

Deck of Cards Workout - A boredom-busting, do-anywhere program
Travel can kill your normal training routine. It’s oftentimes hard to find and get to a gym, and most hotels don’t have what you need to get the work done. I say leave the gym behind! If you are traveling, all you need is a deck of cards to put together a killer program.

Deck of Cards Workout - A boredom-busting, do-anywhere programThis workout is really simple and can be done anywhere—in the gym, outdoors or in your hotel room.

Deck of Cards Workout - A boredom-busting, do-anywhere programSTEP 1: Begin by selecting FOUR body weight exercises. Some examples:

Back Extensions

STEP 2: After picking your exercises, assign each movement a suit in the deck (i.e., push-ups are hearts, lunges are spades, etc.)

STEP 3: Then, clear a space to workout and shuffle the deck of cards. Decide on a number of cards you decide to work through 10, 20, 30, full deck, etc. (I recommend the full deck!)

Flip one card. Complete the exercise accompanying the card. For example, if you pick a 5 of hearts, you complete 5 push-ups. Face cards and aces are 15 reps (or, assign your own number).

STEP 5: After you having completed the first exercise, flip the second card and perform the corresponding movement. Continue flipping cards one-by-one until you have completed the deck (or however many cards you choose to use.) By the end, you will be feeling it!

This is a great workout to bring with you anywhere! It’s even been seen happening in an airport over a long layover. Who says you need a gym to train? That’s the dirt for now…more next week from the world of obstacle course racing!

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