Burn More Fat on July 4th

Transform Your Body With Intense Cardio

No matter how focused you are on your fitness goals, at some point your cardio routine can become a little tired. To minimize boredom and plateaus, you need to continually switch things up, whether it be with your intensity, duration or type of cardio. When you do, your motivation will be maximized and your body will keep responding andprogressing.

Like many of you, I log many hours on cardio equipment. Yes, my routines change, but I still need a break from the machines every once in a while. I’m sure you can relate! So, in the spirit of the Fourth of July, let’s declare our independence from our beloved “dreadmills” and “stairs to nowhere” and burn some fat with this intense, no machines required cardio program. Even better, you can save yourself a trip to the gym by doing this routine at your home before you head out to enjoy the holiday. So, grab a towel and get ready to sweat!

Burn Fat On The 4th


DYNAMIC WARM-UP (5 minutes). These exercises are meant to get your body warmed up and prepared for the upcoming cardio blast.

1 minute: Running Butt Kick*
1 minute: Alternating Lunges
1 minute: Running Butt Kick
1 minute: Big Arm Circles*
1 minute: Running Butt Kick

CARDIO BLAST (25 minutes). Only rest where indicated. Otherwise, perform each exercise non-stop for the duration indicated and then move on to the next one.

Circuit #1 (7 minutes)
1 minute: Quick Squats*
1 minute: High Jumps
1 minute: Stationary Lunges, right leg forward
1 minute: Stationary Lunges, left leg forward
2 minutes: Jump Rope (If you don’t have one, hold light weights in each hand and mimic the jump rope motion.)
1 minute: Rest (Don’t sit— walk around, stretch, sip water.)

Circuit #2 (7 minutes)
1 minute: Burpee
1 minute: Mountain Climber
1 minute: Crunches
1 minute: Crab Kicks*
2 minutes: Jump Rope (If you don’t have one, hold light weights in each hand and mimic the jump rope motion)
1 minute: Rest (Don’t sit— walk around, stretch, sip water)

Circuit #3 (7 minutes)
1 minute: Push-ups (perform on knees, if needed)
1 minute: High knees, Run in Place
1 minute: Plank (on elbows or hands)
1 minute: Ski Jumps*
1 minute: Knee-up Jump Lunge, right leg*
1 minute: Knee-up Jump Lunge, left leg*
1 minute: Rest (Don’t sit— walk around, stretch, sip water)

Circuit #4 (4 minutes)
1 minute: Quick Squats
1 minute: High knees Run in Place
1 minute: Quick Squats
1 minute: High knees Run in Place

COOL-DOWN & STRETCH (5 minutes): Walk around for a few minutes, then stretch.

Burn Fat On The 4th


Running Butt Kick – Run in place kicking your legs back so that your heel strikes your glute with each kick.

Big Arm Circles – Hold arms out to the sides (parallel to the ground) and begin swinging both arms backwards in big circles. Continue for 30 seconds. Then, for another 30 seconds, repeat the circles but this time in a forward motion.

Quick Squats – Perform full-range, un-weighted squats as quickly as you can.

Crab Kicks – (See demonstration picture.) Sit on the floor with your hands palms-down, resting on the ground by your glutes. Feet should be flat on the floor with knees drawn toward your chest. Push your hips up. Shifting your weight into your hands, alternate kicking each leg into the air.

Ski Jumps – Stand with feet together. Bend the knees and jump to the right as far as you can. Land with soft knees and immediately jump laterally to the left.

Knee-up Jump Lunge – (See demonstration picture.) Stand with feet hip-width apart. Lunge back with right leg while swinging right arm forward and left arm back. Push off left foot and jump straight up (as high as possible), bringing bent right knee toward chest and swinging left arm forward and right arm back. Return to lunge as you land. Repeat same leg for duration of interval and then switch.

Push Toward Your Best

If you aspire to transform your body, going through the motions just doesn’t cut it. Our bodies easily adapt and progress slows (sometimes to a halt). You have to break out of your routine and continually challenge your body. This could mean increasing weight or reps, changing exercises or training methods and/or just bringing more intensity to your sessions. Not only will this enable you to make more progress faster, you will have fun with the challenge. So, don’t accept good enough when you want your best. Keep pushing–your best is waiting.

Jaime Baird

Jaime Baird is an IFBB Bikini Pro. Her life’s mission is to help others, especially women, achieve their best in health and life.

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