The REAAL™ Future of Muscle Growth

3X More Efficient Than Whey Protein 32X More Efficient Than BCAAs Those are REAAL™ Results

You want a body that’s strong, healthy, functional and powerful— one that commands respect. So what do you do? Hit the gym regularly, thinking that dedication and consistency are all that matter. Despite your best efforts, maybe you’ve hit a wall and feel like you are just spinning your wheels. While many consume a whey protein drink or branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) as part of an overall nutritional program to augment the results of their training, there reaaly is a better way.

REAAL™ is three times more powerful at building muscle than whey protein isolate, 32 times more powerful than bcaas and has only 20 calories per serving. Let’s talk ease and convenience— one serving of REAAL™ is equal to three protein shakes, without the calories and bloat of protein. And only one formula, REAAL™, is a patented EAA (essential amino acid) technology based on nearly 40 years of medical research and 24 human clinical trials conducted on amino acids to back it up.

REAAL™ unlocks the anabolic power of a precise ratio of essential amino acids (EAAs) for better muscle growth and maintenance. It’s no surprise that this new supplement, which is set to revolutionize the industry, was developed and brought to market by Twinlab— a brand that has been the trusted leader for innovative, high-performance health and wellness products since 1968.

The Future of Muscle Growth

REAAL™ marks the next generation of muscle growth and repair for serious trainers and fit, health-conscious adults from all walks of life. REAAL™ is a step above old and ineffective supplements that claim to help you build and maintain muscle. The REAAL™ difference is the culmination of almost 40 years of medical research that has elucidated the benefits of a precise and optimal ratio of EAAs to not only optimize muscle growth, restoration and maintenance— but also to increase overall health in terms of improving the health of tissues and organs, brain health, metabolic function, and every physiological process in our bodies.

Superior Muscle Builder

Essential amino acids are the nine amino acids that your body cannot produce itself. We must replenish them through dietary proteins and supplements. EAAs build vital proteins in the body that are used to create tissues, organs and muscles. They also play a vital role in optimizing liver function and the neurotransmitters in the brain.

EAAs do not function independently of one another— they are all required, in specific concentrations, in order to carry out their main purpose, which is protein synthesis. Consuming a balanced profile of all nine EAAs in precise ratios is a better choice for optimal muscle growth. Any supplement that disrupts the critical anabolic balance of EAAs may have adverse effects on the results of your training.

Researchers have determined the exact combination and ratio of EAAs needed to stimulate muscle growth in the human body. EAA supplements that utilize this patented EAA ratio can optimize muscle growth and restoration. REAAL™ includes compositions and ratios of the nine essential amino acids discovered to be most effective at facilitating muscle growth and restoration.

REAAL™ has been clinically demonstrated to be superior to build and restore muscle and increase muscle protein synthesis. Compared to BCAAs and whey protein, the precise ratio of EAAs in REAAL™ boosted muscle protein synthesis by a whopping 40 percent more.

Exclusive Patented Formula

While it’s not uncommon to see “patent pending” on labels that never quite turn into patents, the technology in REAAL™ earned a patent in 2017 and has enabled Twinlab to create the perfect ratio of essential amino acids for optimal muscle recovery and growth. For a food or nutritional supplement invention to be patented, the formulation or process that creates the food or supplement must be novel/unique from anything else on the market. The patented EAA technology in REAAL™ is indeed unique from anything else in its category. After years of research on various test subjects, from burn victims, to rehabilitation patients, to cancer patients, to Olympic athletes, the perfect EAA ratio was discovered. The main commonality between the aforementioned individuals is the desire to optimize their health and the importance of muscle maintenance and muscle repair in reaching their health-related goals.

While many nutritional supplements on the market today lack actual data to back up their claims, REAAL™ has real proof to back up its claims.

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Original, Patented Essential Amino Acid Multiplier

  • 3 times more powerful at building muscle than whey protein isolate and 32 times more powerful than bcaas
  • Only 20 calories – 1 serving of REAAL™ = 3 protein shakes without the calories and bloat of protein
  • Lactose/dairy/gluten free
  • Fermented, not duck feather source
  • Supported by 24 human clinical studies and nearly 40 years of medical research. REAAL™ wasn’t created so that we can all add a centimeter to our biceps; it was pursued to help burn victims and the elderly whose muscle atrophy is life threatening.
  • Patented. If it’s not the patented version, it’s not reaal, it’s not proven and it won’t work nearly as well.
  • Dye-free: so pure it mixes crystal clear

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