ProSource® Raises the Bar

Protein Bars With Delicious Taste

Protein bars are a way of life for fitness-minded people, who need quality fuel when they are on the go. While protein bars are quick and convenient, the taste and consistency of some protein bars leaves much to be desired, like a cross between Play-Doh and an unexpected gift from your pet. We’ve told you about the benefits of DoggCrapp training before, but that should not be what comes to mind when you eat a protein bar.

Now, the situation has changed for the better with the newly launched ProSource® Bar, which offers a unique combination of protein perfection and delicious taste.

ProSource® Raises the Bar - Protein Bars With Delicious Taste

Delicious Taste

The ProSource® Bars give active and health-conscious people the protein bar they’ve always wanted. The delicious, clean taste with a nice crunch and creamy layers melts in your mouth as it powers your workouts— all without an aftertaste. The bars, available in Double Chocolate Crème and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors, are light like a cookie wafer and very satisfying.”

Convenient, High-Quality Protein

Besides the amazing taste, the ProSource® Bar boasts 15 grams of high-quality protein, no low-grade filler proteins like soy or gelatin and no sugar alcohols. What’s more, they are easy to find. ProSource® Bars are available at 7-Eleven, TravelCenters of America, and other convenience store chains, gyms, select GNCs and other supplement stores. It’s not like you have to go hunting for uranium to feed your muscles the highest-quality nutritional support ever made available in a protein bar.

Maximum Muscle Support

Taste is important, but let’s talk about protein quality— and ProSource® Bars deliver. ProSource® has formulated its new bar with a protein blend based on the powerful complex of proteins found in its legendary NytroWhey line of proteins. This means that each ProSource® Bar is powered by highly bioavailable hydrolyzed whey and cold-processed micro/ultra-filtered whey isolate. There’s also milk protein isolate in the mix, which does wonders for flavor and consistency while offering a complete spectrum of essential aminos. All together, this protein blend is primed and precision-formulated for maximum muscle support.

Good For You … And Your Taste Buds

The ProSource® Bar is proof that the best proteins make the best-tasting protein bars. And you really have to taste one of these bars to experience how unbelievably good they are. ProSource® has made a protein bar powered by the world’s best proteins, and they’ve made it taste absolutely fantastic. Bite into one and you get that delightful snap of crispy protein wafers, plus the savoriness of the ProSource® Bar’s luscious, creamy filling. The proteins in the ProSource® Bar have a clean taste and smooth, even texture you’re going to love.

The ProSource® Bar is arriving in convenience store chains across the nation, as well as health food stores and gyms. For more information, visit

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