Supplement Review: PrettyFit Whey Protein

Protein-packed, 100-Calorie Servings, All-Natural

I love eating healthy in order to support my fit lifestyle, but the problem is my sweet tooth! I have no problem eating healthy all day long. But once the sun goes down, the chocolate craving hits (I know many of you can relate to this feeling!)

To help cure my cravings, I love protein shakes. Not only do they keep me away from chocolate and other high-sugar goodies, but they also are a good way of getting in my nutrients after a long day of work followed by a workout. But with so many protein powders on the market, how do you choose?

So, I was really excited to try PrettyFit Whey Protein. PrettyFit is already awesome because in addition to their products, PrettyFit also does monthly packages that contain some of the best nutritional supplements, healthy snacks, workout gear and more.

Supplement Review: PrettyFit Whey Protein

What Sets It Apart

Many protein powders are filled with artificial ingredients, dyes and colors, and come from cheaper and less pure forms of whey. By comparison, each serving of PrettyFit Whey Protein contains 25 grams of pure, cold processed ultra micro-filtered whey protein isolate. In addition, each serving contains less than one gram of carbs and ZERO grams of sugar! In fact, these protein powders contain no artificial ANYTHING (no sweeteners, colorings, false flavorings). They are also gluten-free, lactose free, hormone free and non-GMO and produced in a state-of-the-art cGMP facility in the USA that meets the FDA’s strict manufacturing guidelines. They’ve also added digestive enzymes to enhance absorption.

You might expect that because PrettyFit Whey Protein contains no artificial sweeteners, that it would be lacking in taste— but this is not the case at all! Although low in calorie and no artificial sweeteners, PrettyFit Whey Protein PACKED with flavor (it comes in vanilla and chocolate and while both are awesome, I LOVED the chocolate one!).

In other words, not only did I enjoy the taste of this protein powder, it was also something that I felt good about consuming, knowing that it contains a whole bunch of good stuff with none of the bad.

Supplement Review: PrettyFit Whey Protein

100-Calorie Servings

One of my favorite things about this protein powder is that each serving is only 100 calories each. That’s it! There have been so many protein powders I’ve tried in the past that were 200-plus calories, and I always wondered if there were any lower-calorie versions, especially for days when I want to keep my calorie intake lower but still have a protein shake. Also, they come in individually packed servings make it so much easier.

Check It Out

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Lisa Steuer

Lisa Steuer is a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly the managing editor of FitnessRx for Women. Lisa is currently a Content Developer at Flexographic Technical Association.

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