STS™ Body Toning Cream

Define and Detail Your Physique

STS™ Body Toning Cream uses a powerful triad of ingredients to help define and detail your physique.

Former bodybuilder and Powerhouse Gym owner Dean Caputo always knew what he wanted, how to achieve his goals and exceed expectations. At age 16, Dean had an interest in working out, so in 1979 he built a weight room in his parents’ Streetsboro, Ohio garage with only a couple of benches and a few machines. Having Dean’s friends train with him in his weight room gave him the idea and inspiration to open his own gym.

After working two jobs through high school, Dean was able to make his dream come true in 1982. He opened his first business at age 18 in his hometown of Streetsboro. It was named Bodybuilders Unlimited in the Streetsboro Plaza.

While Dean owned his own gym and enjoyed a successful reign as a competitive, undefeated bodybuilder, Norm and Will Dabish of Powerhouse Gym approached Dean about converting his Bodybuilders Unlimited name to a Powerhouse Gym. This was the exciting beginning of a new chapter in Dean’s life, but there were many more chapters to come. Dean has turned another page and is proud to introduce STS™ and the release of their Body Toning Cream, an anti-cellulite cream that is perfect for the start of bodybuilding contest season.

Define and Detail Your Physique

STS™ Body Toning Cream is designed to help define and detail your physique. The Advanced Heating Formula is known to help increase blood circulation and promote sweating during workouts and recovery. Sweating helps to shed extra water to help sculpt and define problem areas. STS™ Body Toning Cream can also be used to help aid in the recovery and relief of sore muscles.

How does STS™ Body Toning Cream work? The cream uses a powerful triad of ingredients to help define and detail your physique:

• Juniper and sweet basil oil improve blood circulation to burn fatty deposits and strengthen connective tissue.

• Rosemary and cinnamon oil are known to cause a tightening and tingling sensation in the skin for a smooth and firm, youthful appearance.

• Pine and peppermint oil naturally reduce inflammation and alleviate aches, which means that it can also be used to help aid in the recovery and relief of sore muscles.

To get the most out of the STS™ Body Toning Cream, apply liberally to problem area by gently massaging in. You can wrap the area with a body wrap of your choice for a more intense heating sensation, but this toning cream can be used all over the body. Wash your hands immediately after use. For external use only.

GET MORE With the Contest Prep Pack!

When you buy the Contest Prep Pack, you get all the great sweat benefits of the Body Toning Cream plus a 15.8 ounce bottle of MCT Oil, which is packed full of healthy fats that are good for your body and boost your energy. The STS™ MCT Oil is an alternative to traditional oils, energy and sports drinks. Packed with nutritious fats, MCTS are absorbed directly from the gut to the liver, where they are burned quickly for energy. STS™ MCT Oil is made with 100% natural coconuts and contains the full spectrum of medium-chain triglycerides, including lauric acid; a powerful fat also found in mother’s milk. When you combine these two products, you get a great jump-start to the spring season and the beginning of contest season., the Nutritional Supplement Marketplace

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