Redcon1 BAR

Redcon1 BAR Powered by Peanut Butter You Won’t Believe It’s a Protein Bar!

The delicious, peanut butter-based Redcon1 BAR packs 20 grams of protein in an on-the-go protein snack.

If you want a lean and fit body, whether you are on a contest-prep diet or you just want to look your best and maintain optimal health, nutrition is the key. And a big part of eating healthy and clean is making sacrifices in the foods you consume. Certain foods, such as pizza, cookies, and doughnuts, are off-limits. Just throw those big gut-inducing nutritional disasters overboard. What about a favorite of many of us, peanut butter? While some half-baked nutritional gurus might tell peanut butter lovers to drop it like a bad transmission, the protein chefs at Redcon1 know better. They have whipped up the delicious peanut butter-based Redcon1 BAR that packs 20 grams of protein in an on-the-go protein snack.

Ultimate Protein Bar

With the dawn of the Redcon1 BAR, the amazing taste of peanut butter has been perfectly married to a protein bar that you can really sink you teeth into and reap the benefits of mouth-watering protein nutrition. The peanut butter will melt in your mouth and your taste buds will become overwhelmed and completely satisfied – while the 20 grams of protein, wrapped in a soft and chewy texture that seems to have come from a bakery, fuels your body and energizes your day. The Redcon1 BAR is the ultimate soft-baked, protein-packed snack bar, powered by peanut butter. The bars are available in Cookies and Cream and Peanut Butter Cup flavors, each delivering a wallop of peanut butter-inspired sensation and unbelievably soft texture. You will think you stopped by the bakery to pick up a freshly baked treat but no, this is the Redcon1 BAR you are eating!

Perfect When You’re On-the-Go

The Redcon1 BAR is perfect when you’re on-the-go to help curb hunger or sneaky sweet-tooth cravings, and your body needs satisfying protein nutrition. Use the Redcon1 BAR as a meal replacement bar or when you’re in need of a high-protein snack. Try eating a Redcon1 BAR as a midday snack or for fuel before an intense training session. It will be an unparalleled taste experience you won’t forget, and you will want to incorporate the Redcon1 BAR into your nutritional plan for unbeatable taste and optimal protein satisfaction.

Redcon1 BAR

Made With Peanut Butter

• On-the-Go Protein Snack

• Soft and Chewy

• Baked to Perfection

• 20 Grams of Protein Per Bar

• Baking-Inspired Taste and Texture

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