Tilapia Makeover

Meal Plan Makeover: Almond Encrusted Tilapia

You have just received your new diet/meal plan and guess what’s on it? The same food that you have been eating day in and day out for what seems like an eternity! Sigh. Well it’s time to turn those growls into grins my friends! Why you ask? Well all you have to do is get a little creative! Simply use the foods that are on your plan and throw them together, along with some low-cal/calorie-free enhancements, to create some delicious (and yes sometimes crazy) concoctions! We’re going to enact a meal plan makeover!

So, there they are: oats, egg whites, tilapia, asparagus, ground turkey, almonds, yams, chicken…need I go on? There are endless ways to combine these staples. Before I introduce the feature recipe, let me first give you a quick glance into some of my Frahncoctions that I like to make when I am bored of eating the same food prepared the same way each day …

  • Mix your oats and egg whites together, add some stevia and cinnamon (you can add your nuts or nut butters here if you have them as well!)
  • Mash your tilapia with your spinach, avocado and other veggies and make a tilapia salad
  • Mash your sweet potatoes with your chicken, add some cinnamon and stevia (just try it)
  • Mix your ground turkey in a skillet with some onions and peppers. Once cooked, add your almonds and eat with a spoon

I know that you might be thinking that some of these look a bit crazy, but trust me— they are very tasty!! OK, so now for the feature recipe…using your tilapia, egg white, asparagus, and almonds we are making a very simple but deeelicious dish— Almond Encrusted Tilapia! Yes it’s healthy, yes it fits right into your meal plan using those exact ingredients, yes I’m going to show you how to prepare it in a snap— it’s so easy!

As my trademark proclaims, I will always do my best to deliver to you: 100% Taste, 0% Guilt! It’s all here for you and ready to go. Each Alli’s Slim Pickins recipe provides detailed ingredients, nutritional information and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each mouth-watering meal! Come on, it’s time to have a makeover!

Almond Encrusted Tilapia


(2) 6 oz. raw Tilapia filet (you may adjust portion size according to your diet needs)
1 egg white + 1 TB water, beaten together
1 oz sliced almonds, divided into 2 portions
¼ tsp each: garlic powder, black pepper
Garnish with parsley and lemon (optional)

How to Prepare

  1. Add garlic powder and black pepper to egg white mixture and blend together with fork
  2. Put each almond portion into small plastic bag
  3. Dip tilapia filets in egg white mixture and then put in the bag with the almonds. Seal bag or hold closed with hand and shake/massage to coat the filet
  4. Coat a large skillet with non-stick cooking spray and place over medium-high heat. Place filets into pan and cook for approximately 7 minutes or until golden brown on bottom. Use a spatula and carefully flip the filet over (do this gently to keep as many of the almonds intact as possible). Cook for an additional 7 minutes or until golden brown and fully cooked through the center. Remove from pan and serve with your asparagus. Enjoy!

100% TASTE, 0% GUILT

Per filet (recipe makes 2): 258 calories, 41 grams protein, 0.5 grams carbohydrates, 10 grams fat

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Allison Frahn

Allison Frahn is an IFBB Figure Pro and ProSupps athlete. The combination of Allison’s passion for fitness, love for delicious healthy food, and talent for cooking led her to create Alli’s Slim Pickins: 100% Taste, 0% Guilt. Under her brand name, she delivers healthy recipes each week for FitnessRxWomen.com.

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