“Fried” Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries (video)

I decided to share a good ol’ comfort food meal that is extra delicious on a cold day. Typically our comfort foods (at least my favorites) tend to be rich and high in calories. Because of this we avoid eating them in an effort to preserve our waistline that we work so hard to maintain. Well, with a little creativity, I threw that theory right out the window! Now you can have your comfort food – and eat it too. No, it’s not too good to be true – it’s truly good for you!

Each recipe provides detailed ingredients, nutritional information, and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each mouth-watering meal! Now you don’t need an excuse to ditch your diet in search of nostalgic indulgences. Let’s get started!

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6 oz chicken breast tenders (raw)
1 egg white
1T water
1 tsp coconut oil, melted
1/3 c Fiber One cereal
Pinch of black pepper, paprika, salt (optional) to taste

4 oz yam – sliced lengthwise into ¼" thick strips
1 tsp olive oil
1T water
Pinch of salt and/or cinnamon (optional) to taste

How to Prepare:


  1. Blend fiber cereal & spices in food processor.
  2. Pour blended mixture into Ziploc bag – set aside.
  3. Whisk egg whites, oil, and water.
  4. Dip chicken in egg mixture and then place into the bag.
  5. Seal bag and shake to coat evenly.
  6. Place chicken on baking sheet coated with cooking spray and set aside.*


  1. Put yams, oil and water in Ziploc bag and shake to coat evenly.
  2. Arrange flat on baking sheet next to chicken.*

*Bake chicken and fries in oven at 375 for 25-30 min (or until deep golden brown) – turning 1x halfway during cooking.
Enjoy…or else☺

Per serving (Serves 1): 452 calories, 46 grams protein, 41 grams carbohydrates, 12 grams fat.
Per serving (without fries): 274 calories, 44 grams protein, 9 grams carbohydrates, 7 grams fat.

100% TASTE, 0% GUILT
Per serving (serves 1): 296 calories, 35 grams protein, 31 grams carbohydrates, 3.5 grams fat

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Allison Frahn

Allison Frahn is an IFBB Figure Pro and ProSupps athlete. The combination of Allison’s passion for fitness, love for delicious healthy food, and talent for cooking led her to create Alli’s Slim Pickins: 100% Taste, 0% Guilt. Under her brand name, she delivers healthy recipes each week for FitnessRxWomen.com.

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