IMPACT™ Ignite

Explosive Pre-Workout Stimulant

A good pre-workout can be your best training partner, energizing you once you hit the gym with a surge of power that unlocks your muscle-building potential for maximum growth and performance. One pre-workout that you should definitely check out is IMPACT™ Igniter from ALLMAX® Nutrition. We’ve tried a lot of pre-workouts, taken a ton of formulas for test drives, and IMPACT™ Igniter really delivers. IMPACT™ Igniter is a fully dosed and highly effective pre-workout that gave us exactly what we wanted— results!

Anabolic Jolt

It didn’t take long for IMPACT™ Igniter to kick in. A couple of guys in our group looked like they were running on two cylinders earlier in the morning, but IMPACT™ Igniter provided the anabolic jolt needed to power through the workout. We all remarked how we felt energized, had better pumps and were able to push harder and recover faster, and get back to the weights sooner. IMPACT™ Igniter provided us with a surge of energy for increased workout performance. That’s what an excellent pre-workout should do.

Better Pumps      

Aside from the fact that we love the Tart Black Cherry taste of IMPACT™ Igniter (let’s face it; plenty of pre-workouts are less than culinary masterpieces), we also love that this product contains a combination of ingredients that have been scientifically proven to maximize your potential. Let’s start with a better pump. That’s what we experienced, and it was no chump-change pump, either. As intriguing as it might be to look at your pumped self in the mirror for a prolonged period, we learned the science behind the pump and how IMPACT™ Igniter helped get us there.

There’s more going on during a pump than an inflated ego. IMPACT™ Igniter contains a combination of citrulline malate (2:1), agmatine sulfate, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) and taurine to take full advantage of their ability to increase the body’s physiological tendency to flood muscles with blood, nutrients, oxygen and yes, metabolic waste products in response to intense training. The ingredients in IMPACT™ Igniter lead to substantial increases in levels of blood plasma, nitric oxide, erythropoietin (EPO) and osmolytes (ingredients that help manage hydro-pressure within muscles).

Use Fat As Fuel

Let’s cut to the chase: if you are training to improve your physique, you want increased muscle and decreased fat. That’s what we saw while using IMPACT™ Igniter, and this transformation didn’t come from doing a keto diet— that’s for sure. Again, it goes back to the science behind the product. IMPACT™ Igniter literally “ignited” a physique change by incorporating Active Fat Transport™ and increasing both the release of stored fat and the burning of that fat for fuel. This technology literally spares muscle energy and shifts metabolism to use fat for energy during intense training.

It’s Up to You

The right pre-workout will make a big difference in the results you see in the gym. IMPACT™ Igniter offers everything that a pre-workout should deliver. So whether you’re looking to set that new PR or grind out those last few reps with full force, IMPACT™ Igniter will get you there.

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Power the Pump Without the Stims

We were glad to see that IMPACT™ Igniter is also available in a PUMP formula. An ultra-premium fully dosed pre-workout, IMPACT™ Pump delivers the extreme focus and power you need to train for RESULTS – without the stims. That is a game changer for a lot of people who are intolerant to stimulants/caffeine. That’s the case with a few people in our training group, who incorporate IMPACT™ Pump into their supplementation regimen and have been very pleased with the outcome. They have found that IMPACT™ Pump delivers the extreme focus and power needed to train for RESULTS. It’s fortified with every ingredient required in a pump product for sleeve-stretching vascularity including citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate and Glycer Pump™, all while still providing the laser-sharp mind to muscle focus you love from IMPACT™ Igniter.

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