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More often than not, we are all on a mission to get into BETTER shape. But WHY For better self-esteem? To be healthier? Or to feel better all AROUND?

Everyone believes they need to go on a diet, which is partly true. Diet is KEY, but it is a LIFESTYLE, not a diet. You can’t just do it temporarily; it has got to become a part of your life. Now does this mean you can’t ever enjoy your guilty pleasures such as cheesecake? NO! A once-a-week cheat is OK, and you will be OK if you ONLY cheat once a week. As long as you can keep the other six days under control, all will be well! Check my article, “Master Your Metabolism.”

Developing a healthy lifestyle is not the EASIEST, but it is the BEST. Studies say a habit takes 21 days to form. If you can commit yourself to this healthy habit, the benefits will be ENDLESS!

Here are 10 reasons YOU should choose to live your life in a healthier way!

Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Being overweight can NEGATIVELY affect your blood pressure. As you develop healthier eating patterns and lose weight, your blood pressure and cholesterol will drop.

Reduce Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea affects your quality of sleep, causing your blood oxygen levels to DROP. Over time you may develop heart conditions and high blood pressure.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Being overweight causes type 2 Diabetes. When you control your diet, blood sugar levels become more regulated.

Extend YOUR Life. Losing weight may improve your overall lifespan! As indicated in a study from 2010 inCardiology Research and Practice, 200 men followed a Mediterranean-style diet. They not only LOST weight, but their OVERALL health improved as well!

IMPROVE your APPEARANCE. Being more healthy and fit, shopping in your goal-weight department will DEFINITELY help your overall appearance and self-esteem!

SELF ESTEEM. Learning to accept your body and love it from the inside out is huge! Losing weight isn’t the ONLY thing that will do it for ya, but it will definitely give ya a BOOST of confidence when you can fit into your pants from high school :)

MORE Energy. As you release those natural endorphins through exercise, dieting with the right foods will give you more energy throughout the day! Who doesn’t want more energy?

Weight MANAGEMENT. Dieting involves making better food choices, altering your lifestyle for the better! As you diet and learn to consume fewer calories in a healthy way, you will also learn how to manage your weight throughout your life!

REDUCE Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Being overweight is a huge risk factor for CVD. Dieting to lose weight can help your cardiovascular function. Even if it’s a slow process, your heart conditions will IMPROVE.

OVERALL Happiness. When you are FIT and HEALTHY, you are HAPPY and WELL :) It helps your overall well-being and promotes a great feeling of all over HAPPINESS!

Developing a HEALTHY lifestyle won’t be EASY in the beginning, but it will be WORTH it! The things we tend to appreciate MOST in life are the things we work the hardest for! Is it easy for me to go to family gatherings and bring my meals? NO! But it is a goal of MINE, and NO one will stop me because I am determined and FOCUSED to stick to my goals! YOU can be, too! It doesn’t take the crazy mentality of a competitor; it only takes a few life changes… such as eating better, and exercising to better YOUR OVERALL HEALTH! YOU can DO this! Figure out why YOU want to be HEALTHY and GO for it!

Till next time, stay DEDICATED and DETERMINED and remember… The “Skye’s the LIMIT”!

Skye Taylor

Skye is an IFBB Bikini Pro and is currently the spokesmodel/sponsored athlete of Champion Nutrition USA.

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