Nutrients That Give You a Healthy Glow

Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Skin Aging

A healthy, diverse diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps promote skin wellness and prevents skin-aging processes, said Dr. Karin Hermoni, Ph.D., category manager at Lycored. “Research shows that certain phytonutrients in our diet can amplify the ability of our skin to cope with the environmental challenges and harmful UV rays that are major contributors to skin aging,” said Dr. Hermoni. Here are some things Dr. Hermoni recommends to keep in mind if you want to protect your skin from the inside:

Nutrients That Give You a Healthy Glow - Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Skin Aging

• Tomatoes contain high levels of the plant pigments called carotenoids, such as lycopene, that gives a tomato its red color and is known for its many health benefits, as well as phytoene and phytofluene that absorb light in the UV range. According to research, consuming tomato products or tomato-based supplements can reduce sunburn as well as control the intracellular oxidative stress and inflammation associated with UV damage.

• It has also been shown that tomato carotenoids can modulate the level of skin biomarkers playing a key role in skin photoaging and wrinkle formation, thus supporting not only skin health but also skin appearance.

• Lycopene and the rest of the active compounds in the tomato are oil soluble. In order to increase their absorption, it is better to cook them in oil. If you prefer your tomatoes raw, add some olive oil to your salad for better absorption of those tomato carotenoids.

• An overall healthy and diverse diet, that includes not only tomatoes but other phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables and spices, will balance our skin as well as contribute to overall wellness (which is also reflected in our skin).

• During the research process that led to the development of a unique food-derived, holistic solution to skin wellness from Lycored, Dr. Hermoni and her team realized that the combination of tomato lycopene with the rosemary spice— that is rich in a potent antioxidant called carnosic acid— is highly synergistic, and helps control local inflammatory and oxidative stress processes in the skin.

Lisa Steuer

Lisa Steuer is a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly the managing editor of FitnessRx for Women. Lisa is currently a Content Developer at Flexographic Technical Association.

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