Miracle Noodles: Do or Don’t?

A review of the zero calorie, gluten free pasta

Miracle Noodles: Do or Don’t? - A review of the zero calorie, gluten free pasta
Miracle Noodles are gluten free, carb free, fat free and calorie free! How is this possible? Well, the noodles are made from konjac root, which has no calories. But, what makes konjac root an especially good addition to your diet is that it is very high in fiber. (Specifically, it contains a soluble fiber called glucomannan.) Fiber slows down the digestion process keeping blood sugar stable, and it helps to take up space in your stomach making you feel physically fuller. Though this is a rather new product on the market, konjac root has been eaten in Asia for quite a while.


Miracle Noodles: Do or Don’t? - A review of the zero calorie, gluten free pastaTemporary Strange Odor. The noodles come in a clear bag packed in clear fluid. My first reaction to opening the bag was that there was a strange odor. However, once I boiled (only 1 minute is necessary) and drained the noodles, the smell disappeared.

Flexible Flavor. The noodles have a slight rubber-like texture to them and taste like… well, nothing. This means that the noodles will take on the flavor of whatever sauce or dressing you put on them.

My Preparation. I mixed my Miracle Noodles with chicken, broccoli, minced garlic, onion, Braggs Liquid Aminos, stevia and some Garlic Herb Mrs. Dash, and it turned out great! I have also mixed mine with a low-calorie Piccata sauce, and it turned out delicious as well. (As a side note, I have read other individuals like to sauté the boiled noodles in a pan with PAM or something similar to remove excess fluid before serving.)

Miracle Noodles: Do or Don’t? - A review of the zero calorie, gluten free pastaHere is another recipe using the Miracle Noodles from Tiffany Boydston: Tomato Basil Pasta with Lemon Pepper Baked Tilapia


These noodles are great, because they are calorie free, filling and easy to prepare. Because they have no taste, you can transform them into any flavor that you like. But, if you are going to purchase this product expecting them to have the texture and taste of regular noodles, you’re in for a letdown. If cost and value are a concern, these might not be for you. Magic Noodles run around $3 for a small bag, which contains roughly 2 servings.

All that said, I personally love this product, and I plan on buying it again in the future. I may try one of their other types of products, as they carry fettuccini, angel hair and rice.

Do you have experience with Magic Noodles? What do you think of them? How do you like to prepare them? Let us know in the comments below!

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