Fridge Peek: Justine Munro

Clean-eating secrets of our February cover girl

Fridge Peek: Justine Munro - Clean-eating secrets of our February cover girl
Justine Munro, our February FitnessRx cover model, knows just what it takes to eat right to stay fit and lean. Lucky for us, the IFBB Bikini Pro let us take a peak inside her fridge— and answered some questions about her eating habits— so we could see exactly what she eats to stay in top shape!

Do you have any struggles when it comes to eating clean?
I enjoy clean eating— it’s a lifestyle!! BUT I also really enjoy sweet treats. You always need to treat yourself and you need a healthy balance.

Where do you do most of your food shopping?
I buy all my meats organic at Nature’s Emporium here in Newmarket/Aurora, Ontario. But most of my other foods, I buy at the local grocery store.

Do you tend to have a set list when you go shopping, or do you choose what appeals to you at the time?
YES, I’ve learned to put together a budget so I don’t over-spend. I write down everything I need so I don’t get sidetracked when I’m there. I’m in and out!

Fridge Peek: Justine Munro - Clean-eating secrets of our February cover girlDo you have a favorite healthy recipe?
My sister Jenna makes the BEST raw vegan cookies, and other foods. I’m going to be doing a few healthy cooking raw recipe videos with her, so make sure you stay tuned to my Facebook fanpage. When she comes over and I’m able to have a treat or two, I’m ALWAYS all over her cookies! You’ll love them too.

What’s your favorite cheat meal?
A non-dairy ice cream called Coconut Bliss! It’s really good.

How often do you have Coconut Bliss?
Once per month maybe! Small container, though. Everyone should try it; it’s delicious and much better for you than regular ice cream.

So, looking at the fridge door, what’s in those tubes that say “Gourmet Garden”?
Herb pastes! I love cooking with them on my meats to add flavor. I would normally grab a big Ziploc and add basil/cilantro/garlic with water and let marinate. I also have dill, oregano and a few others!

Fridge Peek: Justine Munro - Clean-eating secrets of our February cover girlIt looks like you have a few salad dressings. What are the best picks for a healthy lifestyle?
I love Organicville products! I have their agave-sweetened ketchup, which is the best. It’s more expensive but it’s worth it! Sometimes I can’t get it, so I use another organic ketchup but when I do see Organicville, I’ll buy two to three of them to stock up.

Does it Organicville’s ketchup taste like regular ketchup?
YES! I did a taste test with my family between three different ketchups, and everyone said Organicville is the better one. My mom has her heart set on this other organic ketchup, and even mine fooled her. It’s really good!

What kinds of bottles do you have there on the bottom shelf on the door?
Udo’s Oil, fish oils, lime juice, balsamic vinegar, BBQ sauces and HP sauce! I’ll use some sauces 10 or more weeks out normally, but when I get five weeks out I cut out most sauces other than ketchup… ketchup is more like two weeks out. Hard for me to part with my Organicville!

Fridge Peek: Justine Munro - Clean-eating secrets of our February cover girlTell us about that “Blue Monkey” blue can at the top shelf in the fridge.
Yum, that’s another treat from time to time. It’s pure coconut water! Normally I have it after a workout.

I see lots of bell peppers in your fridge, what do you like to use those for? Or do you just eat them as a snack?
I love peppers! I eat them in my plan once or twice a day and normally go through one to two daily.

It looks like you have some frozen vegetables. What’s your favorite veggie?
It’s frozen edamame— from time to time I snack on them!

What’s in the two white boxes on the right?
Frozen bagels for when we have company!

Since you keep that food for company, do you ever feel tempted to eat that and stray from your plan? How do you deal with such moments?
Never once am I tempted. I love company and cooking! Cooking is one of my favorite things to do. Temptation is everywhere to be honest; just depends how badly you want to stay on track!

Is there anything not currently in your fridge/freezer that you would normally have in there?
Nope! We actually Just grocery shopped so it’s stocked up and full :)

For more tips from Justine— including a flat ab and tight butt workout, plus more diet advice— be sure to pick up the February issue of FitnessRx for Women today!

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