Combat Cravings

Tips to manage the urge to splurge

Combat Cravings - Tips to manage the urge to splurge
Sometimes there are moments when a craving is so strong that we can practically taste the salty, sweet, savory or fatty foods we desire. We’ve all been there.

Speaking of…do you ever have a pesky craving creep up only 30 minutes after eating lunch? In those moments, we must pause for a minute to consider the feeling. Are you physically hungry? Or, is this just your mind playing tricks on you? Cravings can actually just be thirst or boredom in disguise. Or, can be brought on by an episode of Cup Cake Wars on Food Network. So, if you suspect that hunger isn’t at the root of your craving, consider the following:

Drink a few glasses of water. Thirst is often times mistaken for hunger, and you very well could be slightly dehydrated.

Combat Cravings - Tips to manage the urge to splurgeDo something to beat the boredom. As silly as this may sound, boredom is often at the root of cravings. So do something to occupy your mind…like cook your meals for next week or read something fun.

If thirst and boredom aren’t responsible for your cravings, give these tips a try:

Brush your teeth. You are much less likely to want to eat anything after you have a minty flavor in your mouth.

Drink some tea or coffee (add stevia to sweeten if desired). This works exceptionally well if you are craving something sweet.

Take a nap and get more sleep. Getting the right amount of shut-eye can decrease cravings greatly. Sometimes we crave food, because our mind thinks we need the energy to stay awake.

Eat meals at scheduled times. Skipping breakfast or having a poor breakfast can trigger cravings.

Find healthy alternatives. Craving crunchy? Snack on veggies or almonds. Craving a salty food? Try munching on kale chips.

Chew gum. This will keep your mouth and mind occupied.

Ashley Kaltwasser

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