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For centuries, beef has powered athletes and enabled them to reach heights of physical achievement beyond those of mortal men. Milos of Croton— one of the most famed athletes in Ancient Greece — was immortalized for tales of indomitable strength, power and athletic prowess. Fueling Milos’ performance was an unprecedented appetite that included consuming 20 pounds of meat daily— he was even reported to have consumed an entire bull in one sitting!

Beef continues to fuel elite athletes such as IFBB pros Victor Martinez, Akim Williams and Nicolas Vullioud. What they have discovered is that beef is superior to whey for building muscle.

Beef – the Superior Protein Alternative to Whey 

Promotes lean muscle. Beef protein isolate (BPI) was shown in a clinical study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (Sharp et al., 2017) to be as effective as whey protein for promoting lean muscle and strength. Hard-training male and female athletes exercising five days weekly over eight weeks while taking 46 grams of BPI daily gained an average of 4.6 pounds of lean muscle mass— more than double the amount of the placebo control group. Subjects taking BPI also increased deadlift strength by 90 pounds and bench press strength by 40 pounds from baseline.

Builds lean body mass. New research on protein intake and body composition demonstrates that beef protein provides effects similar to whey protein. Researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials that compared the effects of exercise training combined with beef, whey protein or no protein supplementation on body composition or exercise performance. The researchers concluded in Nutrients (11(6), 1429; Published: 25 June 2019) that beef protein “provides similar effects to whey protein on protein intake and body composition and, compared to no protein, might be an effective intervention to increase total daily protein intake, lean body mass and lower-limb muscle strength.”

Superior mTOR Activation. Researchers examined the benefits of whey protein, and found that the muscle-building power of beef was unsurpassed by whey. Consistent with these results, a muscle cell culture trial demonstrated that beef supports superior mTOR activation relative to whey protein— a key molecular signal that increases muscle protein synthesis (Detzel et al. 2015, ISSN Poster). These results powerfully demonstrate that beef is a powerful nutrient that can be used to spur muscle growth and anabolism in athletes.

More concentrated in amino acids than whey. 

Hydrolyzed for fast absorption, so muscle growth is fueled quickly. 

Lactose free so it’s ideal for people who are lactose intolerant or can’t digest whey protein well. Many people cannot digest whey well. Not a problem with BPI.

Great taste. Recent advancements in the manufacturing of BPI have made huge improvements in taste and mixability.

No excess fat or cholesterol. The researchers at MuscleMeds use beef protein isolate (BPI) in Carnivor supplements. This allows athletes to get the anabolic benefits of beef protein in a delicious, fast-digesting and convenient protein shake— without the excess amounts of fat and cholesterol.

Bottom Line: Not only is beef protein nutritionally superior to whey, it also makes for a great-tasting protein shake. With Carnivor, you really can have your beef and eat it too!

Carnivor Is More Than Beef

Beef has more to offer than power and purity that is superior to whey. In addition to containing 23 grams of pure beef protein and being 350 percent more concentrated (pure) in amino acids than steak, Carnivor also has a unique Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology (ANRT), including alpha-ketoglutarate, ketoisocaproate and glutamine AKG. ANRT technology helps lower protein breakdown for faster recovery plus reduces acids in the body through nitrogen recycling. Carnivor also has a whopping 20 times more creatine than whole beef food sources, as well as added branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Superior Purity and Potency to Whey

Not all protein supplements are formulated to optimal standards of purity. When you buy a protein supplement, you might think you are getting good, clean protein, but that’s not always the case. Typical whey protein powders are only 70 to 80 percent protein content. The other 20 to 30 percent of whey protein may consist of fats, carbs and sugars as well as significant amounts of cholesterol and lactose— which bodybuilders need like a hole in the head. Beef protein isolate is an astonishing 99 percent protein, so you’re going to get more bang for your buck with beef protein isolate than any type of whey.

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