Sag But True

How to reverse droopy, aging knees

Sag But True - How to reverse droopy, aging knees
The skin above our knees can sag for several reasons, but generally age (of course) is the ugly little monster behind it. This looseness of the skin stems from a loss of elastic fibers, collagen and muscle mass, which naturally occurs as we age. And, I am no stranger to this sag but true effect of aging.

Funny story… a potential client said that one of her friends approached her about training with me and said, “Yeah, but she has big knees.” Too funny! Just call me Henrietta Hippo knees! So with that said, I am about to dive in how we go about changing this ever so frustrating saggy knee problem.


Sag But True - How to reverse droopy, aging kneesWeak at the knee? Let’s change that.

Above the knee is known as the VMO (Vastus Medialis Oblique), which is part of the quadricep and sits right above the kneecap. Keep it strong and well-padded with muscle, and sagginess turns into sleekness. Resistance training is your best friend for doing this.

One great exercise for developing or filling out the skin with lean muscle is leg extensions. Varying up the position of your feet from toes in (target the outer part of the leg and knee) to toes out (target the inner part of the leg and knee) will allow you to more thoroughly train the whole knee area. Also plié squats (legs wide, feet pointed outward) and walking lunges are an essential group of exercises to firm and tighten.

Most fitness facilities have a leg extension machine. However, if you do not have access to a gym, then try this at home:

Sag But True - How to reverse droopy, aging kneesSit on a chair and extend your legs as you would using a leg extension machine. Squeeze the quad at the top and then lower them back down. To increase the challenge, add ankle weights.

I would recommend starting with these three exercises 2x weekly with a moderate weight. Perform 3-4 sets at 12-15 reps.


Another great way to firm the stubborn knee is with Yoga or Pilates! Both of these methods help to strengthen the leg muscles surrounding the knee, which helps to keep the skin on the knee high and tight! Yoga helps to improve the appearance of skin and muscle tone. Specifically, it can help with strengthening the skin’s elasticity and improving circulation, among many other benefits. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses on building strength in the legs along with other muscles, which will also assist in keeping the skin around the knee tight. One day a week of each ought to do the trick.


Sag But True - How to reverse droopy, aging kneesBelieve it or not, not only does the skin sag because of age or weight loss, but also because our knees and elbows seem to be the driest and most used and abused areas of our bodies. Exfoliating your knees every other day as well as using a nice firming lotion every day will improve the appearance of the sag. There are several moisturizers out there to choose from. Obviously, some are more expensive than others. I would suggest trying out a couple of them to see which works best for you. I like Aveda products as well as SkinCeuticals, which tend to be more on the expensive end. For something more budget-friendly, I lean towards Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer with Advanced Q10 Complex or Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturizer.

Don’t fear. Getting older has its challenges, but that’s why I am here. Together, we will defy age every step of the way! Who’s with me?

Lisa Maloy

Lisa Maloy is an IFBB Pro Figure Athlete, Master Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Hall of Fame Professional Trainer, official NPC judge, owner of Fit Fizeeks and the mother of two beautiful children. At 43, Lisa continues to keep her body in top form and has helped others do the same for over 20 years!

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