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Anti-aging skincare tips

Get Glowy - Anti-aging skincare tips
I fear the day that I wake up, look in the mirror and realize that it has finally happened: the dreaded lizard look has set upon my skin. That leathery, wrinkled, sagging, discolored look of aged skin. You remember the not so young older lady from the movie, “There’s Something About Mary?” I assure you that I will not let that day come, and nor should it for you! So let’s find out how we go about staying young and glowing just like a blushing bride.

I am picky about the products I use to help preserve my youthful glow. You must be careful, as there are often sketchy ingredients in these products. Here are a few to keep an eye out for:

Get Glowy - Anti-aging skincare tipsSOMETHING’S FISHY
Believe it or not, many products contain mercury. Did you know that with mercury’s particles are far too small for our immune system to destroy, and our body does not process it. So, it just hangs out wreaking havoc on the nervous system, skin and immune system. Scary thing is that this poisonous metal is easily absorbed through the skin and can accelerate aging—the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve. OK, next…

I see alcohol in more and more skin care products these days. Alcohol is great for blemishes, as it essentially dries them out helping them heal faster. However, the key word was DRY.I would think the last thing we want our skin to be is DRIER.

With those “avoid me” ingredients revealed, let’s get on with the things that will make you more glowing and beautiful:

Get Glowy - Anti-aging skincare tipsNOURISHING NUTRITION
Your skin is a visible indicator of your nutrition. Mom’s constant reminder that, “You really ought to eat your fruits and vegetables – they are so good for you” applies here. Fruits and vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that help in the development and growth of skin cells. The more skin cell regeneration, the younger and fresher we look. Mom really does know best!

Exercise isn’t just about looking good with nice, toned muscle. It’s also about having your body rid itself of those tricky little toxins that tend to accumulate over our years, which causes our outer appearance to age more quickly. As always, a minimum of three days per week of strength training combined with aerobic exercise should keep the skin tight and youthful.

Get Glowy - Anti-aging skincare tipsHYDRATING H20
Water is SUPER important, especially as we age. With age comes a drop in estrogen as well as a decrease in oil production in our skin. The more you hydrate, the less chance you stand of facing thinner, drier and even itchier skin. So, let’s make sure to consume a minimum of three liters per day. Also, try to refrain from showering with crazy hot water. Opt for luke warm water and a gentle or mild soap.

Nothing smoothes out dry skin like a nice supple moisturizer. According to the Mayo Clinic, they recommend oil-based product that contains petrolatum as the base with antioxidants or alpha hydroxy acids to combat those crinkle wrinkles. Let’s also not forget about the miracle cream Retin A, by prescription only. It helps to boost collagen production, exfoliate, declog pores, lighten dark sport and more.

Get Glowy - Anti-aging skincare tipsDAB OUT THE DARK
Those tired, dark circles under the eyes often start to surface in your forties. You can treat them with a quality product that contains vitamin c, which, in time, decrease the appearance of those nasty black smudges

As we age, we must help our skin regenerate by sloughing off the dead skin that is hanging on. In order to get to the newer smoother stuff, choose a gentle exfoliating face wash. I use Oil of Olay foaming face wash with micro beads, but there are many options. I gently massage it into the skin in an upward, circular motion. NEVER pull the skin. You can either rinse with lukewarm water or use a gentle cloth and dab, not rub, it off. Voila! Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I don’t like to say scratching the surface, as it kind of negates what we are trying to do with our beautiful skin. What I mean is that all of these tips are just for smoothing the skin. My next article will dig, pardon the pun, a bit deeper into crow’s feet, blemishes, rosacea, etc. LOTS of tips and tricks are yet to come.

As always, consult with a skilled cosmetologist or dermatologist prior to using stronger types of medication or creams. These are just all examples of what I do to keep getting asked for my ID when I go out to dinner!


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