Why Women Should Lift Weights

6 Benefits of Strength Training

On a regular basis, clients tell me that they are afraid to strength train because they are afraid of getting “bulky.” When paired up with cardio and the right nutrition, strength training will NOT make you bulky.

Fit, firm and tone is not bulky. In fact, you will more than likely drop a few sizes as your body composition changes. Where’s the bulk? It’s definitely not in the slimmer waist, tighter butt and things or those toned arms.

Why Girls Should Lift - 6 Benefits of Strength Training


Here are six fantastic benefits of strength training:

1. Strength training will make you stronger. And when is strength ever a bad thing? Whether it benefits your girlfriend when you help her move, or impresses the hot guy at work when you beat him in arm wrestling, there just isn’t a downside to being strong.

2. Building muscle gives you shape. The best part is you have the ability to put that shape EXACTLY where you want it! You can make yourself more symmetrical (which is a sign of beauty across all cultures), balance your upper body with your lower body and create the illusion of a smaller waist if you don’t already have one. Building a beautiful physique is a choice made in the gym.

3. Strength training helps support the spine. If you find yourself with aches and pains in new places, you may lack core strength and postural support. Strengthening those muscles can alleviate those aches and pains.

4. Standing tall with better posture can help you immediately look leaner. If you got it, you should definitely flaunt it. Chest up, boobs out, stand tall. Building overall muscle will help you stand up straighter and look more confident.

5. Strength training makes you a badass! Confidence is sexy. And walking over to the weight rack and grabbing 25-pound dumbbells is impressive. The best part? You don’t care who is watching because you have officially left every guy in the free-weight section speechless.

6. Muscle helps burn fat and raises your metabolism. Your body burns more calories, maintaining muscle even at rest. While this is not permission to eat whatever you want, it does allow you to control your physique.


There is no downside to strength training as a girl. As for the “bulky” myth … we do not produce enough testosterone nor do we eat enough food to get bulky with muscle. Like I tell my clients: “Strength training doesn’t make you bulky, cupcakes make you bulky … ”

Girls, if you want to feel energized, confident, stronger and more alive … strength training is for you. What about fitting into your favorite outfit from last year or the year before? Strength training. Want to tighten up that butt, slim your waistline or get back those sexy, shapely legs? You guessed it, strength training.

Bottom line, strength training, along with good nutritional habits and cardio, should be a part of every girl’s workout!

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