What Am I Doing Wrong?

Get the Best Results for Health, Fat Burning

Are you doing hours of cardio and not seeing results? Are you tracking your food and still not losing inches? Maybe you are just a little too focused or just aren’t efficient with your time. Are you offended yet? Read on.

Many of us devote all our time and energy in one direction without seeing the results we desire. But if you’re not hitting several points with your health, you might be missing out on how to get the best results in the time you have.

What Am I Doing Wrong? - Get the Best Results for Health, Fat Burning


While cardio is necessary, it’s not the only exercise you should do to get the best results. But cardio is key for a healthy heart and burning fat. How you get your cardio in is up to you. Your best bet is to find something you enjoy. Some women like classes at the local gym, while others like to run outside. No matter what activity you choose, it is a good idea to change it up often to prevent boredom and keep your body challenged.

Strength Training

Different exercises accomplish different results. Building muscle can make you stronger, raise your metabolism (even while you sleep) and improve your posture, balance and flexibility. If that’s not enough motivation for you, it can also build your self-confidence!

What Am I Doing Wrong? - Get the Best Results for Health, Fat Burning


You cannot “out exercise” a bad diet. Exercise can improve your health, but focusing on good nutrition will make an incredible difference. Cutting out sugar and processed food, eating whole foods and getting the appropriate amount of calories and macronutrients are necessary to achieve most health goals.


We all underestimate the value of sleep. Sleep is essential for our bodies to recover and repair. Lack of sleep has been linked to illness, disease and obesity as well as causing tragic accidents from delayed reaction and impaired attention on the road or at a job.

Stress Reduction

Stress can harm your health in many ways. It can cause your cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol is a form of “fight or flight” mechanism your body uses to deal with stress. It can cause you to crave sugary and fatty foods as a way to calm it down. Unfortunately, there is no pill that will solve this issue. It is imperative that you find ways to reduce your stress as well as find ways to help your body and mind stay calm. This might include exercise, meditation, taking a vacation or even asking for help.

What Am I Doing Wrong? - Get the Best Results for Health, Fat Burning

Mental and Emotional Health

The physical aspect is usually the easy part. It’s the mental and emotional part that is difficult. To get the best health results, it is important that we fix the head to fix the body. Obesity is not the problem— it is a symptom. Whatever the issue is, if it brings with it an unhealthy relationship with food, the issue may need to be addressed with professional help. Don’t consider yourself broken or weak. Using a doctor or counselor is a tool in solving a situation.

If you aren’t achieving the results you desire, you might look to see if you are missing an important part of the formula. Practice putting effort into each of these areas to find a balance that produces results and works best for you. And above all, remember to be patient. This journey is not about how fast you can get there— it’s about how long you can stay there once you do.

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Melissa Fillmore

Melissa Fillmore is a former NPC National level Figure and Women's Physique competitor. She is a personal trainer, health and wellness coach and owner of Fillmore Fitness, LLC in Pasco, Washington. Melissa lives with her husband Craig and 4 of her 5 children. The oldest is currently serving our country in the Marines.

Website: FillmoreFitness.com
Facebok: fillmorefitness
Instagram: @melissafillmore_1

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