Transform 5: Hamstrings Training

Standing Leg Curl Variations

Hello again, FitnessRx ladies! Welcome to my fifth Real Strength TRANSFORM video, brought to you by Divine Nutrition.

In today’s video, I am focusing on one of my favorite body parts–the hamstrings. Using the standing leg curl machine, I will be training them unilaterally in an upright position. This method focuses on movement from the knee joint and isolates each leg individually and equally.

Like the other videos in the Transform series, this is a basic piece of equipment. However, as I go through this exercise, you’ll notice that I will be increasing weight throughout the set to increase the workload. Your focus should be getting a good squeeze at the top of the movement and on the eccentric movement (slowly lowering the weight) on the way down. It’s an effective way to develop shapely hamstrings, and you’ll really feel it. I hope you get a chance to give these suggestions a try this week, and be sure to have some fun with it!

I hope you like the suggestions!

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