Transform 19: Shoulder Training

Make it burn with supersets

Hello FitnessRx ladies and welcome to my nineteenth Real Strength video!

In today’s video, I focus on exercises targeting shoulders. This will be a giant set consisting of three consecutive exercise using variations of motion and length of lever arm to increase intensity and to add variation. It’s a step up from the usual lateral raise with a cool little routine that I love!

There are three exercises total, and watching the video on this one will explain what they are and how to perform them. Please complete 10-12 reps, finishing a few reps shy of failure. There is no rest in between movements. Be sure to keep breathing through the exercises, maintain a nice tight core and keep the shoulder held slightly back to maintain a solid alignment.

Be patient with these unique moves, and perhaps break this up to mentally connect with the routine before putting it all together in a giant set.

I hope you like it, and I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

With Love,


Ava Cowan

Ava Cowan is an IFBB Figure Professional, a CPTS® and full time online coach and consultant for women of all fitness levels.

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