Transform 18: Back Training

Rack Pulls

Hello FitnessRx, Ladies! I hope this newest video finds you well.

In this video, I demonstrate Rack Pulls. In this exercise, my focus is to illustrate how to build a beautiful back.

This is a straight forward exercise that produces curvy and beautiful results.

Warm up for 2 sets with no weight. The warm up is not only a time to bring blood flow into the muscle tissue to prepare it for increased resistance, it is also a time to assess how much weight you will need to complete the goal rep range. Warm up sets should illicit 15-25 reps with ease.

Rack Pulls

2 sets warm up (15-25 reps)
2-3 sets 8-20 reps, depending on your goals. Starting out lighter is always safer, and remember, much can be accomplished with a strict focus on form and exercise tempo.

* Transform Tracking Tip: I suggest bringing a notepad with you to document your warm up weight and the weight you used during your remaining 2-3 working sets. This way, you will have a point of reference the next time you do the exercise. Ideally, you will build upon those numbers by increasing either the weight used, rep range, or frequency of performing the exercise.

I hope you love this Basics for a Beautiful Back exercise!

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