Making A Change

It’s never too late to start over

Making A Change - It’s never too late to start over
First, I want to thank you for following my series Real Strength. I hope that you were able to get a few ideas from the four “Building Your Body” videos that were posted. The intention of the series was to give you a few ideas that you could implement into your own routine. I felt it was best to walk you through a few workouts so that you could get more of a feel of my mindset and approach to training while I am in the gym.

I think if I had to convey one message, it would have to be that there is no cruise control if you intend on building your best physique. Simply showing up isn’t enough. Granted, it does beat not showing up at all, but learning the basics, how they work and why is extremely important. I do plan on shooting more video, and when that comes out, it will be about a month away from my debut in Women’s Physique. I hope you will tune in for those videos, as you can see just how much different you can look in only 4 weeks!
Making A Change - It’s never too late to start over

Making A Change

This blog today is a bit more personal, getting you up to speed with my current training as I prepare for a whole new division. If you haven’t seen me compete before, I have been doing so since 2005 as an amateur and have continued on as an IFBB Figure Pro since 2010. My last show in the Figure division was the 2014 Australian Pro. Around that time, I decided to make the switch to Women’s Physique.

I think the number one question I get asked is: “How has your preparation changed?” Well, I am eating more food than ever before while prepping. My training is the same, except I no longer starve, so I am able to grow. Eating more is the only way I have been able to add more lean mass. That was one concept I had to hold onto and remember as I approach the show.

Making A Change - It’s never too late to start overI am now cutting back, but I am no longer in such a drastic deficit, and the result should be a fuller, more
developed body, especially in the glutes and legs. I have a ways to go, but I know I can change significantly.

Cleaning House

Additionally, and more importantly, this summer, I have really cleaned house. Every single aspect of my life has changed. The most notable would have to be that I no longer take in anything that is unnatural. Seemingly overnight, I became “chemical intolerant.” I had no idea that could happen, but it most certainly has. Basically, eating chemicals over time has caused a reaction that is very evident. I first became aware of swelling all over…my face, my stomach blew up, as well as intestinal pain. It wouldn’t go away. This has been going on since the end of April. I have had to list every single ingredient that I ingest and watch how I react to it. It has been a tedious process, but it’s very real. So far, here is the list of things I cannot have in foods.
1. Sucralose
2. Aspartame
3. Lactose
4. Casein
5. White Flour
6. White sugars exposed to bleach

Chemicals also include preservatives such as lactic, sorbic and benzoic acid food additives. I am still in the midst of learning more, but I will eventually be an expert on what and where to buy the most natural foods on earth. This drastic change has forced me to look at every single label for reasons much more serious than finding out how many carbs, protein and fats are in foods. It’s really a very in-depth process, and I have a lot to learn! But the good news is that I am always willing to learn. I have to so that I am no longer swollen all over. I am still working on that daily.

A New Vision

Ava Cowan - IFBB Tampa ProAs I look ahead moving into the IFBB’s Women’s Physique Division, I definitely have a vision of what I
want to bring front and center. Quite simply, my intention to bring the purest body, mind and spirit to the stage. I have always said that my goal at each competition is to present a better version of myself every time I walk on stage. That is all that I hope to achieve. Keeping this vision in mind while walking in faith
places me in a very good place in my life. And for that, I am grateful!

If you’d care to join me, and perhaps follow along on my new journey, I can only hope to bring you my best, continually.

I appreciate your interest in my blog, life and career. I really look forward to more posting more blogs, videos and especially to stepping on stage very soon!

Remember: It’s never too late to start over. I sure have.

My Debut in the Women’s Physique Division will be this August 9, 2014 in Tampa, Florida. Please click banner for show details. I hope to see you there!

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