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Video Q&A – Answering YOUR Questions!

Journey Back To Strength - Video Q&A – Answering YOUR Questions!
This week’s blog includes a video answering some of the questions you asked on the FitnessRx For Women Facebook page. It was pretty cool to do! I don’t often do Q&A on camera, so I did my best to have a balanced perspective by giving you a few different points to consider within each answer. It was off the cuff, and I literally read the questions as we sat there. I felt it was more natural to approach it that way.

Journey Back To Strength - Video Q&A – Answering YOUR Questions!One of the questions asked was about my favorite supplements. It was a long list, so I thought it was better to answer that question in writing. This way, you have an easy reference to refer to should you want to do a little research to determine if these supplements are appropriate for you and your goals.

Current Supplement List

1. Collagen w/ Hyaluronic Acid
2. Ubiquinol – The active form of CoQ10
3. Vitamin E 1,000 IU
4. Magnesium 500 mg
5. Vitamin C 500mg + depending on needs and other supplements that may have Vitamin C in them as well.
6. Glucosamine w/ Hyaluronic Acid 2,000 mg. Taken with Chondroitin is great as well for joints.
7. Trans- Resveratrol 500 mg
8. Iron
9. Omega 3 Mood 1,000 mg of EPA
10. Cranberry 500mg
11. Juice Plus (All three Forms)
12. Multi-Vitamin & Minerals
13. Zinc 30 mg
14. Vitamin K- Full Spectrum
15. Calcium 1,200 mg
16. Vitamin D3 5,000 iu (I am deficient)
17. Super CLA 3,000 mg
18. L-Tryptophan 500 mg
19. Digestive Enzymes
20. Ashwagandha 500 mg
21. Potassium Gluconate

Newly added!!

1. Ultra Stress Vitamin B- Complex- Vitamin C and Iron (saves $$)
2. Rhodiola Rosea
3. LycoMato

And I am sure I have many more, but this is what I am taking daily with meals (or as directed so most of them) throughout the day.

I hope you enjoy the video. Depending on the response, maybe I can continue along these lines going forward to share more with you!

Weigh In Time!

Journey Back To Strength - Video Q&A – Answering YOUR Questions!Let’s go ahead and toss my current weight in there: 122 lbs. This is about 2 lbs away from stage weight. So essentially…game on. My stress levels are low, I feel better now than at any other time in my life, especially during a prep, and there is a distinct difference in my spirit. It will be so exciting to compete with my Journey being complete.

I look forward to seeing you all at the 2014 Figure International at the Arnold Sports Festival for those of you that will be attending. I will be at the athlete “Meet and Greet” that is open to VIP guests on Thursday February 27, 2014 at the Veteran’s Memorial North Hall. Click HERE for complete schedule of events.

More Exciting News!

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to let you know that I will also be competing in Australia the following week at the 2014 Australian Pro Figure Classic IV! I am elated! You may check out the Doherty Gym Face Book Page to see the latest updates and event information as well. It is sort of last minute, but I am so honored and grateful to be going. Thank you to Tony and Amanda Doherty for the invite. We are all going to make a public post about this as well, where you can meet me after the show at the expo on Sunday March 9,
2014 and all will be posted shortly as we are currently working on the promotional material.

Journey Back To Strength - Video Q&A – Answering YOUR Questions!I want to thank Suits By Amy for making my suits for my events. I just received my suit for Ohio, and it is perfect.

Thank YOU

I want to thank you for following my journey through the ups and downs and for allowing me to show you who I am and watch me grow. I think of you who take the time to read all the way to the end of my blogs, leave comments and share your own personal journey with me. You have inspired me beyond words. Most importantly, thank you, God. The most profound lesson of my life has been that with God, All Things Are Possible.

Now it’s my time to go finish what I started.

Ava Cowan is an IFBB Figure Professional, a CPTS® and full time online coach and consultant for women of all fitness levels.

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