Journey Back To Strength 19

Cooler Peek, Leg Training & Laughs

Journey Back To Strength 19 - Cooler Peek, Leg Training & Laughs
This week’s blog is a bit different. I took my blog to the gym and shot a vlog for I really enjoyed the variation and hope you do as well. In the videos, you will get a look inside my cooler/food bag, see my approach to leg training as well as hear all about a funny moment that kicked off the shoot!

Around The Corner From My Dream

Before we get into that, I wanted to write briefly about just how fantastic yesterday started. I may have mentioned this on film, but as I was driving to the gym, I finally had the realization of just how grateful I am. As I looked down the road going about 30 miles an hour and there was no one in sight. The sun beamed brightly; it was simply a gorgeous day. I became aware that I was on my way to shoot for FitnessRx For Women. I love doing this kind of work, in addition to writing, so it is was just a highlight and a wonderful opportunity to be able to connect with you on a different level. That, to me, is seeing the finish line of this journey. I am not completely finished, but the Strength and Change is here and now. I am around the corner from my dream, and I have never been more at peace.

Funny Moment To Start The Day!

So after the serene drive, I walk into the gym for the shoot. I then had an amusing moment that I must share with you. We shot the explanation of it on video. I’ll let you watch it!

The Place To Be

Another very cool aspect of the day is that Flex Lewis, Aaron Singerman, PJ Braun, Ali Rosen, Lynne Suave (a trainer at Busy Body West Boca who really helped push me big time!) and Dr. Layne, Isabel and Robert Norton were all training at my gym while I was shooting. Apparently, it’s the place to be! It was nice, because Layne was able to check my progress while he was here in town. And, the highlight was getting to meet his son Robert. I have wanted to meet him for months. And I was finally able to hold him. I have been staring at his pictures that his parents post on Facebook post for weeks and he is even more exquisite in person. What a happy baby…he is so handsome!
Journey Back To Strength 19 - Cooler Peek, Leg Training & Laughs Journey Back To Strength 19 - Cooler Peek, Leg Training & Laughs

Leg Training

What’s In The Food Bag?

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