Building Your Body Part 4 – BACK

Foundational Moves & Switch-ups

In this week’s video, I am showing you a few back exercises that you may incorporate into your workouts. There’s a twist on a more common back exercise and several more foundational moves. Some of these moves are great for a warm-up or can be placed in between these sets. That’s one way to add additional exercises without spending too much extra time in the gym.

This Week’s Challenge: Prepare In Advance & Do Something New!

When was the last time you pre-planned your routine before you got to the gym? What about trying a completely new exercise? If you want to continually grow, I find it necessary to explore new exercises and often. Every few weeks (including this one), do some research online and then try something new. It’s the best way to challenge your body and your mind.

Taking a risk in the gym by doing an exercise that you may potentially really mess up will help you to grow in the gym. I can’t tell you how many pieces of equipment I would just stare at, walk around, fidget with and STILL not figure out how to use. But, I choose to do it anyway. Yes, I am crawling out of my skin, but the pay off is big! By taking control in this way, you are forced to think, stretch and grow. Even if it’s just one new exercise a day that you attempt after researching proper technique, you will grow exponentially. Red faced and all!

Next week, I will bring you up to speed with my preparation for my debut in Women’s Physique.

I look forward to to your questions and comments!


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