Building Your Body Part 1 – LEGS

Variations, Progressions & Switch-ups

In this week’s REAL STRENGTH, I kick off the first of a series of videos covering building your body from the ground up. This episode is all about the lower body. Some of the exercises may look common, while others may be appear new to you. In addition to demonstrating the exercises, I share my thought process while performing them, along with straightforward variations that you can try right away!

Specifically, I discuss a few different foot adjustments and leg positions and how these variations can help target every area of your lower body from the glutes to the calves — quite possibly, some areas that could use some attention. I also mention that through alternating weight used as well as changing up your current reps and sets ranges, you can help blast through plateaus you may be experiencing.

My intention is to demonstrate how there are no set rules, only endless possibilities. By choosing to continually learn, try new things, use your imagination and, of course, execute with proper form keeping safety a priority, you open yourself to a whole world of endless possibilities and growth.

Speaking of safety and form, I decided to include the basics and progressions of a classic lunge. This is useful to know whether you are beginner or advanced trainer. I demonstrate the exact types of lunges to perform and how to move through these stages to build a solid foundation, which is imperative for safely progressing to more advanced techniques injury free.

Leg Day Reminder: Work smarter, use your imagination, save time in the gym, know the basics, add some new exercises to your current routine and be willing to learn!

I hope you enjoy!


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