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3 Simple & Effective Fat Loss Tips

3 Simple & Effective Fat Loss Tips
You make the same promise to yourself every year: By Summer, you WILL be ready to wear, with confidence, the new bikini you bought off eBay. (You’ll look so good that no one will ever know where you bought it).

With summer being right around the corner, anxiety starts to build as thoughts of your New Year’s resolution floods your mind again and again. Feeling slightly defeated, you are still determined that this will be the year, no matter what, you will drop those pesky 10 – 20 pounds. You will put that suit on and wear it with pride.

3 Simple & Effective Fat Loss TipsNo matter how many times you’ve lost sight of your goal, you will finally lose those love handles, blast those thighs and come out looking like the goddess you know that you are. To help you get there, here are a few budget-friendly tips to make your fitness dream a reality.

3 Simple & Effective Fat Loss Tips1. BE REALISTIC: You’ve been working out and maybe allowing yourself a treat here and there as a reward for your extraordinary willpower—you’re finally making it happen, right? And then the cold reality sets in. Being a goddess, or even looking like one, is harder than you thought. It’s unrealistic, and it lies at the root of most failed diet and workout regimens. However, this doesn’t have to be a somber realization—far from it, actually. Looking like a Size 0 supermodel or Greek goddess might be beyond your reach, but you don’t have to conform to such a standard.

Beauty and looking fit are just as much about attitude as anything else. A realistic attitude can help take you to far greater heights (and help you lose far more weight) than unrealistic expectations. The best thing to do is forget the past, refocus and set the simple goal of being better than years gone by where you gave up completely. Being a better version of yourself is realistic and obtainable right here and now. So embrace the mistakes, and keep going anyway. You are worth it!

2. ANTIOXIDANTS ARE YOUR FRIEND: If you look on the Internet for ways to lose weight or eat and live healthier for any length of time, chances are you’ll eventually run across the term, “antioxidants.” These helpful nutrients work against the oxidizing process, have a cleansing effect and can help with digestion, which, in turn, can help facilitate weight loss. Best of all, they’re very cheap — green tea as well as berries are chock full of antioxidants.

3 Simple & Effective Fat Loss Tips3. RUN FOR IT: If you’re looking to save money and want a fresh approach to cardio, take your cardio outside. You’ll want to invest in a good pair of running shoes. If you jog for any prolonged period of time, you’ll start to wear out the soles, so you’ll want a separate pair from your regular, every day shoes. New to working out? Begin by walking at a fast pace. Are you already running or stuck on the same piece of cardio equipment everyday, then try HIIT sprints to boost your metabolism.

Sample Beginner Fat Blast Routine
No gym membership required!

Start with a brisk walk. Once warmed up, move into a light jog. Do this for 5 minutes. Steadily increase this pace within the warm up until you are moving at approximately 50% of your maximum speed. Then proceed to intervals:

Intervals – 6 Total
45 seconds: Run at the same 50% of max effort you were at during the warm-up. 15 seconds: Sprint at an all-out (100%) effort.

This needs to be extremely challenging. And expect to just get your breathing normalized during the 45 second slow jog before you start the 15 second sprint again. Complete 6 total intervals.

> Begin implementing this into your routine 2 times a week. For beginners, this is all you need to do for cardio per week in the beginning stages and during growth seasons.

> For those of you who have been slaving away 5-6 days per week doing steady state cardio and not getting results, slowly reduce the steady state cardio and replace your sessions with HIIT. There is a time and place for steady state cardio, and numerous factors must be taken into consideration to determine its need. For fast and effective fat loss, HIIT is the key, as it helps you to blast fat around the clock.

3 Simple & Effective Fat Loss Tips> This is only one example of a HIIT routine. Not a one size fits all. There could be slight increases in either the number of intervals completed, the intensity, rest interval, resistance used and/ or number of sessions to see results. But, typically, only slight adjustments are needed for maximum results. Additionally, remember that alternating equipment or differing styles of HIIT is optimal for maximizing its benefits.

One a final note…I am officially crossing over into the Women’s Physique Division this year and am very excited about the opportunity. You may catch the full details on my Facebook Page!

Until next week…keep believing!

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