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Sonograms, Traveling, and Staying Fit!

Listen to Your BodyI am now 22.5 weeks into my pregnancy and I am still going strong. In fact, I have traveled by plane for the past three weeks! I actually prefer to stay very active and busy, so the three trips were great for me. However, I am listening to my body, so when it tells me to slow down, I will. That is probably one of the best pieces of advice that I share with all my clients and with all of you: “LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.” And, of course, even more so if you are pregnant. The human body is actually quite amazing. It will let you know when something is not right or if something is off, if your diet is deficient in something, if you are not getting adequate rest or water, if you have overdone it or pushed your body too far, and it will let you know many other things as well.

Last week was quite busy for me. I returned from one trip and was re-packing for my next trip. I also had another second trimester sonogram at UC San Diego. Doctors visits and prenatal testing have been quite frequent throughout my pregnancy (I will go into more detail about that in a future blog). Every time I have a sonogram, I hold my breath until I see our baby angel appear on the screen and see her move or see her heart beating, and yesterday’s sonogram was no different. I guess it’s because I just want everything to go smoothly with my whole pregnancy and I just want our baby to be happy, healthy, strong and developing normally without any complications or cause of concern. THANKFUL to say the visit went well and our baby girl is looking GREAT!

Listen to Your BodyThe technician commented on how active she was throughout the 45-minute sonogram saying she was doing acrobatics… LOL! We all watched as she kicked, moved her arms, flipped over a few times and at one point she even had one leg and foot completely past and over her head! Talk about flexibility! Do we have a future gymnast? The doctor came in right after he reviewed my chart and all the sonogram pictures and said that everything is looking great. Our baby has a strong heartbeat, is measuring exactly where she should at 21 weeks and four days and on the graph for weight, she is not underweight or overweight. She is right on the money for her age. Feeling very BLESSED for the great news and check up!

Last Friday, I flew out to represent Team Gaspari at the San Jose Fit Expo. I knew the next couple of days were going to be very busy, so I prepped my foods ahead of time and I planned out my days, including when I would get my cardio and training done. Planning ahead and keeping a schedule has helped me tremendously throughout the pregnancy to track my events, appointments, clients, pre-natal tests and everything else on my schedule, especially when those pregnancy brain farts seem to hit!… LOL. Since I traveled by plane for three straight weeks, it was all about being prepared and being comfortable, especially for my longer flights.

Listen to Your BodyIf you plan on taking a trip, here are some helpful tips:

• Consult with your physician/OB/GYN prior to your trip (to get the OK and just in case there are any precautions).

• Stay HYDRATED! I cannot emphasize this enough. This means lots of WATER, WATER, WATER!

• Try to stay away from caffeinated drinks like coffee and sodas.

• Bring your prepped foods/snacks on the plane just in case you get delayed. Plus, the food/snacks you get on the flight are not the healthiest options and they might not fulfill what you’re craving. Great snack options are raw almonds, and fresh veggies like celery sticks and cucumbers.

• Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. You may also want to layer your clothing so you are comfortable regardless of any changes in temperature.

Listen to Your BodyIf you are on a longer flight, make sure you stand up, walk around and stretch. You want to avoid swelling in your feet/ankles and leg cramps. Plus, with pregnancy you can be more prone to thrombosis and varicose veins. When seated, you can also flex/extend your knees, perform ankle pumps (dorsiflexion/plantarflexion) and elevate your legs/feet.

• With pregnancy, our immune systems are suppressed, making us more susceptible to colds, illnesses and infections. Therefore, when I travel I am extra cautious, so I stay well hydrated, wash my hands more frequently, carry anti-bacterial wipes and anti-bacterial sanitizer and I also carry Emergen-C.

The Fit Expo and the weekend was a blast! I always enjoy seeing friends and I love interacting with everyone that I meet. Throughout the weekend, I did two interviews, gave advice on training, competing, nutrition, supplementation and I even helped a few competitors with posing right at the booth. I also had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Ms. Olympia Cory Everson, who is such a doll! Someone asked me what my highlight of the weekend was. I answered, “Getting to meet so many wonderful people and being able to provide them with guidance or advice to help them reach their personal health and fitness goals.” I wanted to share with you what this beautiful lady Khamote wrote to me after I met her this past weekend:

Listen to Your BodyI’m feeling humble and thankful to have met one of the women who I have admired over the years. Krissy, thank you for taking the time to chat with me, you’re a sweetheart and a beautiful woman overall. Best wishes to you and your family .~ Xox

It is wonderful people like Khamote who motivate me and inspire me to continue to do what I am so passionate about and what I love doing— leading a healthy lifestyle and being able to inspire and help others whenever and however I can.

I am proud to say that despite working at the booth for nine hours each day (Saturday and Sunday), I was still able to get three sessions of cardio in and train LEGS! #GETTINGITDONE!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

With Love,


Krissy Chin

Krissy Chin earned a dual Masters of Science in Physical Therapy/Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences degree in 2000. Since graduating, she has practiced physical therapy in New York and Florida and recently obtained her license in California. She has worked in various clinical settings and has experience in SCI (spinal cord injury), TBI (traumatic brain injury), stroke, orthopaedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, oncology and neurology.

Alongside her medical career, Krissy began competing in the NPC in 2003. In addition to competing, Krissy is very active in the fitness industry as an NPC judge, Team Gaspari Athlete, member of Team Powertec, co-host of two of Muscle Contest’s IFBB/NPC shows, and she also works with clients in achieving their personal health and fitness goals.

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