Diet Plan for Beautiful Booty

Get Your Diet Right to Get Your Toosh Tight!

After having received tons of messages requesting a specific meal plan to complement your Booty Beautiful training (click here to see the video series), I put one together to help get you on track to your goals!

As you know, there are countless nutritional philosophies that one can follow and use to achieve success. From my experience, the best meal plan or nutritional strategy is one that you can follow long term. Otherwise, you will not be consistent with your goals. That being said, I believe in having a diet that is balanced and features nutritionally dense foods, so you can get the most benefit from the calories you consume and feel more energetic in the process.

The meal plan below is similar to one that I might follow or one that I would recommend to a woman who trains intensely 4-6 days a week and wants to change her body composition (add muscle and lose a little fat). If you are in need of a meal plan and this sounds like what you are seeking, give it a try!

Meal 1 1/2 cup oatmeal1/4 cup berries

1 whole egg + 3 egg white omelet with spinach & mushrooms

Meal 2 4 oz. ground turkey breast1 ounce avocado

½ grapefruit or small apple

Meal 3 4 oz. tuna1/3 cup brown rice

1 cup steamed broccoli or green beans

10 raw almonds

Meal 4 3 oz. chicken breastMixed greens with veggies

1 tsp. EVOO

1 tbsp. vinegar

3 oz. sweet potato

During Training 1 serving of AminolastBCAA Superfuel by Gaspari Nutrition
Meal 5 (Immediately Post-Workout) 1 scoop MyoFusion Pro protein shake1 plain brown rice cake
Meal 6 4 oz. salmon3 oz. Brussels sprouts (approx. 10) or another green veggie of choice
CALORIES: 1626Protein: 165 g (40%)

Carbs: 130 g (33%)

Fat: 50 g (27%)

  • Follow this meal plan for a few weeks to determine its effect. Pay close attention to your energy and mood in addition to your weight and body fat. Make adjustments accordingly.
  • If you are losing weight rapidly, increase the calories by about 200 per day. (Losing 1.0-2.0 pounds a week is ideal to ensure that you’re losing fat and sparing muscle.)
  • If you are gaining weight (specifically, fat) rapidly, decrease the calories by about 200 calories per day.
  • For more nutritional information, watch the Booty Beautiful videos on carbohydrates, protein, and supplements (click on each word to see the video).

A Winning Thought
Now, here’s the deal. There’s no perfect, universal meal plan. We all don’t have the exact same goals, metabolism, genetics and tastes. However, the key is to just have a plan (whatever it is) and to follow it with precision. It’s the single most important thing you can do to facilitate your goals. Without a plan, it’s so easy to flounder, make poor decisions and just not be prepared. The result… slowed progress. You deserve better than that! So, what are you waiting for? As my husband would say, “Are you in or are you out?” If you want to achieve that goal, make a plan, commit to it 100 percent and GO! Be YOUR BEST!

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Jaime Baird

Jaime Baird is an IFBB Bikini Pro. Her life’s mission is to help others, especially women, achieve their best in health and life.

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