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Get More from Your Fat Burner

As you know, fat loss is not easy. Being in a calorie deficit, especially while training hard, can make us cranky, lethargic monsters. Layer on life stress and a lack of sleep, and you just might find yourself elbow deep in a pint of ice cream, because you just don’t have the energy to fight it. It happens.

However, there is good news: You can take the edge off of dieting with the help of a quality fat burner/thermogenic product. In addition to helping your body burn more calories and fat, a good fat burner will offer the following benefits to make dieting a little easier:

Appetite Suppression. While eating more low-calorie, high-fiber food likes green vegetables will help with hunger, oftentimes it’s not enough. A fat burner featuring an appetite suppressant will help to tame your hunger while your body (and mind) adjust to a decrease in calories.

Energy Boost. A decrease in calories can deplete your energy, as fewer calories means less fuel. When we feel tired, our willpower is much more likely to fail us. While food selection and meal timing will help mitigate dips in energy, a quality thermogenic can give you a little boost so you can feel at your best.

Mood Enhancement. We are much more likely to stick to our diets when we feel “good.” However, when we cut back on carbohydrates, our serotonin levels can decrease, causing us to feel a little cranky. While exercise, sunlight and rest help, there are some fat burner formulations that provide additional mood support. For example, Gaspari Nutrition’s Detonate promises to help you “look as good as you feel.”

5 Tips To Get The Most From Your Fat Burner

You’re probably thinking, “Well, what’s the best fat burner to take then?” While I’m currently using Detonate (read about my experience here) there are many different products from which to choose. What works great for me may not work for you, and what helps you may not help me. It takes some trial and error to find a product that’s a great fit.

That said, no matter which product you choose, you can maximize the benefit of your fat burner with these five tips:

  1. Take it on an empty stomach. If it doesn’t upset your stomach and the product doesn’t instruct otherwise, take the fat burner on an empty stomach. This will speed up absorption and allow you to feel the effects more quickly.
  2. Time your fat burner around the “hunger zone” and/or training. If you are taking a product that allows for multiple doses in a day, take it when you are the most susceptible to hunger or when you typically need an energy boost. The fat burner I use is a once a day. However, instead of taking the recommended two in the morning, I take one in the morning before my morning fasted cardio and the second one at 1:30 p.m. to help me through my “hunger zone” (2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.).
  3. Don’t stack too many stimulants. There is definitely too much of a good thing, so don’t get carried away and take too many stimulating products together. This can lead to anxiety, aggression, nausea and diminished performance as well as increase the risk for more serious health issues.
  4. Don’t take past 4:00 p.m. When you take a fat burner too late, you risk not being able to fall asleep at night. While you may think it’s great to have extra energy in the evening to smash your to-do list, not getting sufficient sleep (7-9 hours a night) will slow your fat loss, further deplete your serotonin and increase hunger and sugar cravings.
  5. Take breaks from fat burners. Overtime, our bodies become accustomed to fat burners, and we begin to require increased dosages to get the same effect. Also, prolonged use can deplete the adrenal system, which leads to increased exhaustion. After using a fat burner for 4-6 weeks, I recommend taking a few weeks break from the product. Also, while using a fat burner, try to take one day off from it each week to give your body a rest and to help maintain the product’s efficacy.

A Winning Thought
No matter how committed we are to our goals, our willpower can give out on us from time to time. Don’t give up! Determine what tests your will and strategize ways to overcome. With each choice you make to stay on track, your self-control and willpower are strengthened and the path to your goals begins feeling a whole lot smoother. Keep pushing. Be YOUR BEST!

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