Turkey Burn Off!! 

Start back up after the holiday with this "do anywhere" circuit

Eat much on Thanksgiving? Whether you fell off the wagon with your Thanksgiving meals(s) or you managed to stay on but were holding on with one hand, it’s OK. Hopefully, you are ready to start back up with your healthy habits and begin the new week with a positive attitude and are motivated to work a bit harder this week.

Below is a small workout that can be done in the gym or at home, so there are NO EXCUSES. I call it the “Turkey Burn Off.” Time to lose the water retention and burn the fat you may have gained throughout Thanksgiving week and weekend.

Before you begin, make sure to warm up and stretch to help prevent an injury. During these exercises, remember to push yourself and go hard.

Start with a 30-minute run.

4-5 sets of:

20-25 burpees
2 50-yard sprints
40-50 sit-ups
20 lunges each leg
15-20 box jumps or if at home do: 20 high jumps (from squat position, jump as high as you can and back down to squat position).

Rest one minute after you complete each round.

Girls, have friends or the hubbies join you too; make it fun. I hope you sweat your butts off.

Until next week!

India Paulino

India Paulino is an IFBB Bikini Pro, Team Bombshell coach and certified personal trainer. She is managed by Fitness Management Group. India's ultimate goal is to inspire individuals to chase their dreams and motivate them to stay on that path even if the road gets bumpy..

India is a BSN sponsored athlete.

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