Travel Stress-Free = Travel Fat-Free

India's Tips for Keeping Lean on the Road

“Oh my gosh I’m freaking out right now. I have so much to do before my flight tomorrow morning, how am I going to get it all done?” Does this sound familiar? I bet there are a few procrastinators reading this article at this very moment. I will admit, I was one of them until I realized the stress it all caused.

My weekend getaways for the past year have been for competitions. So I guess they are not really getaways, but you get the point. Anyway, I would find myself stressed out because I attempted to do everything that needed to get done three days or fewer before departure day. I would have to work a full-time job, pack for the show (can’t forget anything) cook, prep and pack my food and still fit my workouts in (3 hours). Holy wow, it’s a lot more than it sounds when you are crunching for time.

Whether you are prepping for a vacation or a competition, there is no room for stress. After I realized how badly stress affected my body (water retention and no sleep, which equals more water retention) I decided to make some changes. I started preparing EARLY. First, I wrote down everything I needed to bring with me and everything that needed to be done. If you write things down, it helps you not forget the little things. I kept my list and reviewed it days leading up to “take off.” Different things kept popping up in my mind that I had forgotten to include.

I also opened up my little pink carry-on suitcase and started packing the “can’t survive the weekend without” items. For instance, my competition suit, my heels, stage makeup, flat iron, etc.

I cooked all of my clean food the Sunday before I left and separated it all by meals and days. I then put all four labeled bags (Thursday-Sunday) in a bigger bag and put it in the freezer to freeze.

I carry my food with me because 1) I compete and if I don’t eat clean food I would probably not do very well LOL and 2) because it’s my lifestyle and regardless of competing I can’t find myself eating out everyday.

You can cook and freeze your food as I do and bring it with you on vacation too. :) That way when you come back from vacation, you don’t have to face the reality of how much you’ve gained.

I also made sure to only pack what I needed this time. I used to always overpack and then be stressed about whether my suitcase would get lost. Nope, not this time. I fit all of my things, including my food, into a small suitcase and a duffel bag. I will have all of my necessities with me at all times.

The day before I left was a little hectic due to my work schedule, but because I had everything packed and ready to go in advance, I did not feel stressed. I must say, it felt great. I knew I hadn’t forgotten anything and was as relaxed as could be.

You go on vacation to have fun, right? So why should you be unhappy days before it? Competitions are exciting because you worked your butt off and can’t wait to see your improvements at the show. For us competitors, stress is one of our biggest enemies, so let’s try to eliminate it. I hope some of the changes I made can help you also, in prepping for any type of time away from home. Let’s stop being worry warts and get on with the fun.

Until next week!

India Paulino

India Paulino is an IFBB Bikini Pro, Team Bombshell coach and certified personal trainer. She is managed by Fitness Management Group. India's ultimate goal is to inspire individuals to chase their dreams and motivate them to stay on that path even if the road gets bumpy..

India is a BSN sponsored athlete.

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