The Great Cucumber!

Cool Facts About This Multi-Purpose Vegetable

The great cucumber?  Really? That’s her title?

Cucumbers are related to zucchini, watermelon and pumpkin but do you think that cucumbers were made just to be added to your salad? Well think again.  Eating them is just one of the many uses for the cucumber. Check out these cool facts.

1) Cucumbers are made up of over 90% water, therefore they help with hydration and getting rid of those yucky toxins in your body.  Ladies – they also help with water retention (and by help I mean reduce it!).

2) Want to cut down on your coffee obsession? Try eating a slice of a cucumber instead. They are a good source of vitamin B that helps with energy.

3) Bags under the eyes are not a good look! If you are running low on sleep, place a cucumber slice on top of both eyelids. Cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory properties that will help the puffy eyes.

4) Darn, that squeaky door!!! Oh wait, I have cucumbers in the fridge. Yup! Just rub a slice on the hinges and viola! The door is squeak free.

5) Cucumbers are a great source of silica, which helps strengthen connective tissue and prevent joint pain.

Cucumbers also contain a good amount of the daily vitamins our body’s need. I listed a few of the things this vegetable can be used for but there are so many more. Check out some of the sites below to find more information on the interesting cucumber.

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India Paulino

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