Gym Make-Up: The Do’s and Don’ts

To wear makeup to the gym or to not wear makeup to the gym -- that is the question. 

To wear makeup to the gym or to not wear makeup to the gym — that is the question.  Although there are times when I do not wear makeup while working out, 98 % of the time I put it on.  I have oily skin so my face breaks out very easily, therefore, I cannot just wear any makeup to workout.  Sweating, along with the wrong type of makeup for your face, equals a big mess of clogged pores.  NOT CUTE!  Here are some of my makeup tips from my personal experience.

1) Figuring out your skin type is crucial.  Do you have oily skin, oily t-zone, dry skin, combination or normal skin?  Is your skin sensitive; are you prone to acne?  You can’t buy the correct products for you if you don’t know what type of skin you have.  If you need some help I would suggest visiting your dermatologist.  He or she will help determine what type of skin you have and will get you started on the right face wash, toners acne treatment and so forth for your skin type.

2) Purchase a tinted moisturizer for your skin type.  I prefer a tinted moisturizer over foundation because most foundations tend to be thick and cakey which is uncomfortable to me.  A tinted moisturizer I have used in the past and liked is Laura Mercier’s oil free, tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 ($42.00 at Sephora).  However, if you want more coverage the only foundation I will put on my face during a workout is a liquid mineral foundation by Glo Mineral which is called Protective Liquid Foundation – Matte II ( $31.50) — the only foundation I absolutely love.  It is light and contains a blend of antioxidants of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract.  I usually just blend my moisturizer with a very small amount of the foundation, just enough to give me a tint of color.

3) Moisturizers are a must.  We sweat so much and wash our faces constantly that our skin screams for moisture.  I started wearing oil-free pores no more anti-aging mattifyimg lotion by Dr. Brandt ($60.00 Sephora) and I have to admit I like it.  It doesn’t allow your skin to look oily and it has anti-aging ingredients.

4) Girls it is never to late to start the anti-aging process.  Vitamin C is amazing and you will see huge positive changes with your skin in just a few weeks.

5) As far as mascara, you definitely want to use one that is waterproof.

6) And my favorite ta da da … EYELINER ☺ I can’t live without it.  I currently use MAKEUP FOR EVER’S cream liner in black.  I apply it with a very thin brush and best of all it does not run.  When dealing with eyeliner you also want it to be waterproof.  Running on the treadmill with streaks of black running down your face is not attractive.

Girls also remember to wash your face after every workout as soon as possible.  I use my purple Clarisonic ($195.00), it’s the best; it removes impurities so much better than you can with your hands.  Also remember to clean your makeup brushes regularly.  Use a brush for your powder rather than a sponge.  Sponges carry more bacteria and think about it, you’ll end up wiping your oil and sweat back on your face EWW.  Well girlies, hope my tips helped, until next week.

India Paulino

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