Pumpkin Everything

The Healthy Benefits of India's Fall Favorite

It’s my favorite time of year and I’ve got plenty of reasons! One of those reasons is that “PUMPKIN-everything” is in season. I am a pumpkin freak: I love pumpkin candles, pumpkin lotion, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bread and my favorite of all -pumpkin pie! Here’s a everything you need to know about this orange ball of yumminess…

A Pumpkin can be used for many things, but in nature it’s a fruit. On Halloween,
as you know, they are carved and called Jack ‘O Lanterns. Then during the month of November, fall is in full swing and all of the pumpkin recipes come out. Pumpkin soup, pumpkin cake, pumpkin waffles and pancakes, pumpkin cookies, and roasted pumpkin chunks.

When used in desserts or meals, it is delicious for flavor. And on its own it can serve as a great snack. Pumpkins contain a lot of water, so when eaten as a snack it helps you stay fuller longer and that helps with weight loss. Pumpkin seeds are also a good healthy snack you can munch on alone or add to your trail mix or salads. They serve as a good source of magnesium, copper, and zinc. Remember ladies: Zinc is great for the hubbies or boyfriends because it helps prevent testosterone deficiency. Seeds can also boost your sex drive.

Pumpkin, its oil and its seeds are high in vitamins and minerals and can help prevent different health conditions. They are also used in many supplements to aid with health issues.

I recently learned that pumpkin is also used for certain digestive issues in animals. My puppy was sick and when we took him to the vet and she recommended pumpkin to help with his digestion/constipation problem.

Now all of this pumpkin talk has got me craving dessert… but I’ve got to wait a few more weeks. I will be competing at the Miami Pro on December 8, so I will save it for after the show. The thought of Pumpkin-everything will motivate me to work even harder!

Until next week hot mamas!

India Paulino

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