Too Focused On Your Goal?

Push hard but keep perspective

Are You Too Focused On Your Goal? - Push hard but keep perspective
To be successful in accomplishing goals, one must possess certain qualities. One must be driven and motivated. One must also have the ability to stay focused on the goal and to be able to push through obstacles along the way. Although possessing all of those qualities is helpful for goal attainment, we must be careful to not get too consumed. It’s easy to put so much effort into maintaining those qualities for success that we get tunnel vision and lose sight of the bigger picture of life.

Are You Too Focused On Your Goal?

Some of you may be thinking, “Don’t you need tunnel vision to accomplish a big goal?” Yes, focus is necessary and good. However, it’s not good to be so focused on your goal that you begin ignoring important things and people around you. Always think about the big picture. Try to look at everything from the outside in. A lot of times while we are trying to get better at one thing, other things in our lives begin to lack. You need to be aware of those opportunity costs and ask yourself if you are comfortable with the tradeoff.

Don’t Neglect Your Loved Ones

Are You Too Focused On Your Goal? - Push hard but keep perspectiveWhile you are working hard on your goals, your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, sister, etc. are still there. While they will be patient and supportive of you, they still need your attention and love. Don’t forget to make time for those people and for the things that are truly important to your life. Trust me. I have been there. There were a few goals that I wanted to accomplish so bad that I allowed my whole life for a short amount of time to only be about crushing that goal. I forgot about everyone and everything else. I felt that if I didn’t give it every single second of my life to my goal, I wasn’t working hard enough and didn’t deserve to reach it. I soon realized that I was wrong. I learned that I could maintain focus and dedication towards goals while at the same time enjoying everything else around me.

Allocating Time & Energy

Adjusting my approach to striving for goals was as simple as acknowledging what is most important to me and then allotting my time and energy accordingly. How you spend your time says everything about what’s important to you. I make sure to give my time to the most important people in this world to me—my hubby and family. Included in the family, of course, is my dogs (i.e. the kids) who I take on hikes and spent cuddly time with daily.

Final Thought

It’s such a gift to have the passion, dedication, desire and the qualities mentioned above to chase goals, dreams and anything you want to make possible in life. However, it’s so easy to let things become all about “ME, ME, ME” when we have what I call “the eye of the tiger.” Just remember to never get so consumed in what you are pushing towards that you forget about what is most important in your life.

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India Paulino

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