Summer Slimdown

Get Lean and Toned for Summer!

Summer Slimdown - Get Lean and Toned for Summer!
Winter is over and bikini season is just around the corner! Time is running out to achieve your beach-ready body, but if you’ve still got some work to do, look no further than this month’s issue of FitnessRx! It doesn’t matter if your goal is to tone up, slim down, blast fat, shape your booty or flatten your abs— it’s all covered here! So get lean and toned this summer with us— we’ve got the best tips, workouts and advice from the experts, as well as scientifically backed research on exercise and healthy eating.

If your abs haven’t yet emerged from a long winter hibernation, don’t despair. All you need is the perfect combination of the right diet and exercise programs— and we’ve got the solution for you. Be sure to check out “Flat Abs for Bikini Season: Workout and Diet with Juliana Daniell” by Jaime Baird. Our cover model, IFBB Bikini Pro and born athlete Juliana Daniell, shares her training and diet plans for a tight and sexy midsection. Learn all of Juliana’s secrets and start sculpting those bikini abs! Included is a poster of the workout— tear it out, take it to the gym, and you’re ready to go! Also, be sure to check out the Bikini Abs BONUS material with Juliana right here at, available Wednesday, April 26. “Be your best YOU, chase your dreams, have no regrets and live in the moment,” says Juliana. “And, remember that you control how much you get out of life by how much effort you’re willing to put in.”

When you have flat bikini abs, of course you want a toned booty to go along with them. In “Rear View: Shape Your Booty Like the Bikini Champs,” Jaime Baird talks with the women with three of the best backsides in the world: India Paulino, Nathalia Melo and Nicole Nagrani. They placed in the top three at the Arnold Classic Bikini International this year, so these ladies know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to butt-sculpting workouts and diets. Follow their favorite exercises, workouts, diet tips and tricks, and you’ll whip your butt into shape for summer!

Want to drop 15 pounds? Then check out “Summer’s Greatest HIIT for Fat Loss” by Jose Antonio. The complete strategy for getting lean is like a tricycle— you need the front wheel and two rear wheels to keep it going. In the same way, a plan with a proper diet, training and supplementation is ideal for maximizing fat loss. It’s all about combining high-intensity interval training (aka HIIT) with a lower-carb/low-glycemic index diet, in conjunction with some simple supplementation. It’s all based on the latest scientific research on getting lean! And included with this feature is “The Ultimate Core Diet,” a low-calorie, low-carbohydrate plan that can help you drop the pounds faster.

With current and past clients like Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez, Tracy Anderson is the trainer who gets the stars in shape. In “Tracy Anderson: Sculpting Hollywood,” find out the method Tracy uses to slim down the stars. At the age of 18, Tracy was a dancer who was frustrated with her inability to lose weight. As a result she was “inspired to create a safe and effective fitness regimen that would work for all women,” she said. Be sure to check out the feature for Tracy’s workout and dieting tips.

As usual, the rest of the issue is packed with the latest cutting-edge research and studies to help you get lean and sculpt the perfect body for this summer. So don’t wait, and get started now!

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