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Your Best Body in 30 Days!

Summer is coming to an end, and you’re probably getting ready to put away your bikini and tank tops, which will soon be replaced with long sleeves and maybe even light jackets. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop training and losing sight of your fitness goals! To help keep you on track, we’ve got the research, exercise plans and nutrition guides— and even a FREE workout and nutrition poster— to help you slim down and tone up from head to toe. It’s all in the October issue of FitnessRx for Women— whether you want to maintain that bikini body or create one for next year!

In “Look Great in Your Jeans: Dianna Dahlgren’s Sexy Butt and Leg Workout,” our October cover model, an IFBB Bikini Pro, shares her secrets for getting that sexy silhouette, so you can look your best when donning your denim. Follow Dianna’s meal plan and top 10 diet tips, complete her lower body blast (no weights required), and you’ll be on your way to a tight tush and shapely legs— in perfect time for the hottest fall denim looks. Dianna even gives tips for finding the perfect jeans that will show off all your hard work! “I’ve worked really hard to get through the tough times, and I have never given up. I just keep going, praying and listening to where God takes me,” Dianna says.

October 2012 FitRXAchieving a great butt and legs is essential, but a sexy body is so much more than that. In order to get the full package, you need broad, beautiful shoulders that help define that hourglass shape. In “Sexy Shoulders,” IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird shares her muscle-building and toning program that will help you sculpt shoulders perfect for strappy and strapless looks! Just follow Jaime’s workout, take her advice, and try her favorite sexy body supplement! She even shares her tips for getting gorgeous, glowing skin so that you can really show off your new look. “A little definition and roundness goes a long way to amp up our favorite shoulder-baring garb. I mean, even a modest off-the-shoulder sweater looks sexy when a toned shoulder is on display,” says Jaime.

As a two-time Ms. Figure Olympia champion, Nicole Wilkins has one of the best bodies in the world. In “Your Best Body in Just 30 Days,” Jaime Baird talks with Nicole about what it takes to get the full package— including lean, toned legs; a flat, tight stomach; and toned shoulders and arms— in just one month! In order to help you work out like Nicole, this issue comes with a FREE poster— just tear it out and take Nicole’s workout with you to the gym. It also includes Nicole’s nutrition advice, so get ready— your best body is just 30 days away! “Of course, there will be tough days,” says Nicole. “You just need to always keep the end goal in mind, and remember that each day you stay on track is one day closer to reaching your goals. You can do it!”

If getting flat abs is your goal, then take a look at the latest scientific research in “The Belly Fat Cure: Melt the Fat Away Fast with a Mini-Fast and Fat-Burning Workout” by Susan Kleiner, Ph.D, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN. Susan explains how experimenting with a mini-fast and exercise strategy could help you reach your weight-loss goals, since a recent study found that exercising on an empty stomach may help speed up your progress if losing belly fat is your goal. The whole premise of this hypothesis is based on the idea that your body burns fat while you fast. Give it a try and see if it works for you, but make sure you listen to Susan’s advice about dieting and training with less fuel in your tank.

The rest of the October issue is filled with the latest cutting-edge research, workouts, nutrition advice and more, to help you get in your best shape this fall! Pick up your copy today!

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