Jaime Eason Middleton’s 10 Tips For A Fit And Healthy 2015

Achieve your goals for the coming year

It happens every year— we get really excited about setting new goals for ourselves when the new year hits, but then by mid-January, many of those goals are forgotten. If you want to get in better shape this year and really stick to your fitness revolutions for a healthier 2015, check out these tips by Jamie Eason Middleton— fitness icon and FitnessRx February cover model.

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1. Find a realistic plan to follow either from a trainer or online, and add it to your calendar. Having a set plan helps to maintain focus from day to day, moving you closer to your goals.

2. Realize that lasting change takes time. Don’t start off with a bang only to throw in the towel a short while later due to lack of progress. It takes time for your body to move away from its current set point and create a new one. It’s important to set realistic goals and have realistic expectations.

3. Recruit friends and family for support and accountability. Let them in on your goals and ask them to help you stay committed.

4. Find a workout buddy. They are great for accountability, and a little healthy competition can be great motivation.

5. Find activities that you truly enjoy. Don’t run every day just because you heard Kelly Ripa does to stay in shape. Run because you love it. The same goes for lifting weights, cycling, dancing, whatever it may be. You’re far more inclined to stick with it if you enjoy it.

6. Find your motivation and keep it front and center, whether it’s a picture from the past, someone who inspires you, a long-awaited vacation or even a reunion. No one has will power or feels motivated 100 percent of the time. We could all use the occasional reminder.

7. Make a commitment to support someone who needs fitness in his or her life, whether it’s the threat of disease, being severely underweight or overweight— whatever the issue. Helping someone else with his or her journey can often help you stick to your own.

8. Keep a food journal. All the exercise effort in the world may improve fitness, but without proper nutrition you’ll be hard-pressed to transform your physique.

9. Join a fitness group online. It’s important to surround yourself with people who share like-minded goals. Where you may struggle to find support at home, support from online friends is just a click away.

10. Instead of aiming to eat less this year, aim to increase the nutrition of your food. Filling up on healthy food, leaves less room for unhealthy.

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