In This Issue: Spring 2017

Spring Fat-Loss Special

We know that readers of FitnessRx work hard in the gym and have a passion for a healthy lifestyle. But our favorite thing about fitness is that there is always room for improvement. So, what kind of goals do you want to reach this year? Whatever your answer may be, FitnessRx will be here with you every step of the way with the latest, cutting-edge, scientific research on fat loss, lean muscle building and improving your health in our Spring 2017 issue, available now!

In This Issue: Spring 2017 - Juliana Daniell’s Total Body Fat-Incinerating Workout

We know that you are ready to take your fitness to a new level. And in order to help you do so, we wanted to bring you an explosive total body fat-burning program to get you in better shape than ever before. In “Juliana Daniell’s Total Body Fat-Incinerating Workout” by Lisa Steuer, our cover model Juliana Daniell, who is also an IFBB Bikini Pro and Miss Supercross 2016, demonstrates this effective program that will get your heart pumping and help you burn fat. This workout contains lots of different exercises to target all your muscles, plus you’ll never get bored with it— when you need to switch things up, you can rework the list by taking exercises out and adding others in. In addition, a lot of these movements are more functional, and even though there is always a target/primary muscle you are focusing on, all of these exercises require you to recruit from other areas in order to complete the movement correctly. The result? A total body burn! Get ready to sweat!

In This Issue: Spring 2017 - Michele Levesque-Presciano’s Leg and Glute Blast Workout

Do you want to get your rear in gear for the New Year? Be sure to check out “Michele Levesque-Presciano’s Leg and Glute Blast Workout” by Lisa Steuer. The exercises in this workout are explosive, which will help to tone while building strength and power. In addition, this workout will work your fast-twitch muscles to help you get faster, stronger and sculpted. This is also the perfect workout to combine with a cardio session to really lean out. Try doing this workout two times a week with high-intensity interval training to build strength, power and tone up!

In This Issue: Spring 2017 - 2017 Fat-Loss Revolution: Groundbreaking Scientific Diet and Exercise Plan

The body has two forms of fat— white fat, or the fat that lies underneath the skin and causes cellulite, and brown fat, which is actually good for your body and burns calories. The more brown fat you have, the more calories you can burn. Knowing the science behind brown fat and utilizing it in your life can help you get and stay in your best shape. In “2017 Fat-Loss Revolution: Groundbreaking Scientific Diet and Exercise Plan” by Shoshana Pritzker, RD, CDN and Thomas Fahey, Ed.D., you’ll find this science on brown fat and why it works. Follow our easy tips for success in your diet and healthy lifestyle, as well as the workout program that goes with it. With these guidelines, you can get your best body in 2017!

In order to bring you the absolute best information, we’ve included four very special articles in this issue that focus on the most cutting-edge research from 2016. Be sure to check out this month’s Cardio Burn, Fat Attack, Supplement Edge and Ultimate in Nutrition in this issue for the leading information on breaking a sweat, burning fat, and the best supplementation and diet tips to reach your goals.

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