In This Issue: October FitnessRx

Blast Fat this Fall!

In This Issue: October FitnessRx - Blast Fat this Fall!
The dancer’s body— it’s that long, lean, athletic look that many women hope to achieve with their own physiques, especially those who aren’t dancers themselves. But you don’t have to be a professional dancer to train like one. On our October cover, the beautiful Karina Smirnoff of “Dancing with the Stars” graces our cover and shows us how to train like a Broadway star!

In our exclusive October feature, Get a Dancer’s Body With Karina Smirnoff,” Karina shows us her favorite moves for getting tight abs and glutes. In addition, Karina shares some of her fitness and diet secrets, tips and tricks. So get ready to burn fat and tone up, and get in shape like Karina! And to really help you sculpt the body of a dancer, this feature also includes an interview with Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s personal trainer, as well as exclusive fitness advice from some extremely talented and hardworking dancers.

When summer ends, it doesn’t mean letting your shoulder and arm training fall to the wayside. In “ARMed for Fall: Tighten and Tone Your Arms and Shoulders with IFBB Bikini Pro Juliana Daniell by Jaime Baird, learn how to use high-intensity resistance training to overload your muscles, challenge your conditioning, and sculpt arms and shapely shoulders. This program is perfect for all levels! It includes detailed explanations to help beginners master the exercises, and advanced switch-ups for those seeking an additional challenge. Get ready, because it’s time for a call to arms!

There’s something about exercising outdoors in nice weather that makes a workout more satisfying. So this fall, when the temperatures have dropped a little but not too much to cause you to retreat indoors, why not hit up the local school’s track for a fat-burning, high-intensity, butt-kicking workout? In Get on Track: Be Slim and Trim Without the Gym,” IFBB Bikini Champions Ashley Kaltwasser and Justine Munro demonstrate a challenging track workout to jumpstart your progress and help you get ahead of the game. Both ladies know a few things about athletic training, as each has an impressive sports resume (Ashley is a former NCAA Division I track athlete). Blast fat, burn tons of calories, and tone up from head to toe with this detailed program.

Bikini Champion Vlakda Krasova wowed the judges when she won the Amateur Bikini Olympia at the first-ever Prague Pro last October. In “Flat Abs and Shapely, Sexy Legs” by Lisa Steuer and Jaime Baird, learn how Vladka sculpted her winning physique. Then tear out the poster that’s included in the feature, take it with you to the gym, and train like Vladka! With enough hard work and dedication, you’ll be sitting pretty on the beach next summer with sculpted flat abs and long, lean legs.

Find everything you need to tone up and blast fat— including the latest scientifically backed, cutting-edge research— in the October issue of FitnessRx for Women. Pick up your copy today!

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