In This Issue: June

Summer Shape-up!

In This Issue -Summer Shape-up!
Time to put those winter blues behind us! The weather is warming up, and that’s the perfect inspiration to get in your best shape! So what’s your summer fitness goal? Whether it’s to slim down, sculpt up, shape your booty or tighten your abs, we’ve got you covered in the June issue of FitnessRx for Women. Even if your schedule is super crazy, our HIIT, at-home and metabolic workouts will save you time and allow you to continue to work on your fitness goals no matter how busy you may be.

Our June cover model, “Extra” host Maria Menounos, knows all about weight loss and staying fit on a tight schedule. In fact, the Greek beauty lost 40 pounds in college, and has been able to maintain her trim figure ever since then. How does she do it? In “Maria Menounos: The Every Girl’s Fit Guide” by Lisa Steuer, Maria tells us about her weight-loss journey, as well as her diet and workout tips that fit perfectly into any schedule. Try out Maria’s Do-Anywhere Total Body Workout on those hectic days— it’s a full-body circuit that can be done alone or with a friend. No more excuses for skipping a workout!

Want to get your rear in girl for bikini season? In “The Bikini Booty-ful Workout with IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Jamesby Jaime Baird, Jessica’s workout will help you create a rounder, firmer backside. By utilizing exercises that activate and target the glutes, you’ll be ready when summer hits. In addition to her signature workout, Jessica shares her butt-shaping cardio and nutrition tips. “Weight training targeting the glutes, like the program I share here, gave me more size and roundness to my backside while still keeping it lifted and toned,” said Jessica.

No matter how committed you are to your fitness goals, performing cardio can feel like a drag. So what’s a girl to do? The answer is metabolic training! In “No More Boring Cardio With IFBB Figure Pro Candice Keene by Jaime Bard, Candice— the 2014 Figure International champion— shows us how to get a lean, sculpted body without the same old cardio grind. It’s all about combining explosive functional movements, challenging compound exercises and intense conditioning bursts. This way, you’ll be way too busy catching your breath to even think about being bored! The program is designed for you to complete four rounds at each three training stations. “I like training this way, because it’s time efficient, yields a high caloric burn, and increases metabolic rate for hours post-workout,” says Candice.

More and more research is showing the positive fat-loss and performance-optimizing benefits of high-intensity interval training. In “Top 10 HIIT Workouts For Maximum Performance and Fat Loss” by Joe Donnelly, the highly accomplished fitness model shares workouts that will get you sculpted and lean. Joe maintains a lean body mass at 5 to 6 percent body fat year-round because the only cardio he does is HIIT work. So if your goal is to maximize fat loss while staying fit and toned, then these workouts are for you. From indoor HIIT training to outdoor and sprint workouts, it’s all here!

This month, we’re excited to introduce a new column— “Perfect Health” by IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird, our Online Editor-in-Chief. This month, Jaime discusses mindfulness and finding focus and diet success when there are so many distractions in our lives. Check it out!

Whatever your fitness goals may be for summer, we’ve got everything you need to know in the June issue of FitnessRx— including the best tips, workouts and advice from the experts, as well as scientifically backed research on exercise and healthy eating. Pick up the June issue today, and get ready to show off your best body this summer!

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