In This Issue: February 2015

New Year Total Body Transformation

It’s a new year— time for new beginnings. If you need a new year total body transformation, then you’ve come to the right place! This February issue of FitnessRx for Women is all about getting a jump-start on fitness in 2015, or taking your training to a whole new level. So get ready to tone up, blast fat and get in the best shape of your life this year with our workouts, expert advice, scientifically backed research, and tips for making your resolutions a reality.

In This Issue: February 2015 - New Year Total Body Transformation

After indulging in the holiday season, it can be tough to get back into your healthy lifestyle. If you need a boost, check out “14-Day New Year Jump-start Workout and Diet with Jamie Eason Middleton” By Jaime Baird and Lisa Steuer on page. Our cover model, fitness icon Jamie Eason Middleton, shares a two-week circuit-style training program that targets the entire body. This program works because it combines explosive plyometrics and bodyweight movements. In addition, follow Jamie’s detailed meal plan, as well as her tips for busy fit moms, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier 2015!

If you want to really get your rear in gear for 2015, then IFBB Pro Amanda Latona, who is known for her love of glute training, is here to help. In “Kick Butt for the New Year: Five Moves for a Better Butt” by Lisa Steuer, you’ll see that an effective glute workout doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about variety— including both bilateral and unilateral moves— and the right combination of exercises to get the job done. This workout is made up of just five exercises, but they are some of the best lower body exercises that will work your glutes from every angle. “To me, curves are sexy. And you have to build the booty with weights to create those sexy curves,” said Amanda.

Time to get WAISTED! Grab a cold one (water, of course) and check out “Get Waisted Workout with IFBB Bikini Pro Janet Layug: 9 Exercises For a Strong, Sexy Midsection” by Jaime Baird. Crunches and planks are great, but if you need a shake-up to challenge your muscles, then this workout is for you. These advanced movements target all the ab muscles in a variety of positions to keep your body guessing and progressing. With this effective workout and Janet’s top tips, you’ll be slim and trim by summer. “Obtaining abs is more than just core work— it involves healthy eating and combination of weight training and cardio,” explains Janet.

If you need inspiration for sticking to your fitness New Year’s resolutions, then look no further than IFBB Pro Anna Starodubtseva. Just a few years ago, Anna decided to make a New Year’s resolution of her own, lost 20 pounds in the process, and then won her first Bikini competition. In “Sculpt & Burn With IFBB Pro Anna Starodubtseva: Shape a Sexy Upper Body With High-Intensity Resistance Training” by Lisa Steuer, Anna demonstrates a workout that will fire up the fat loss while sculpting a tight and strong body. If you want a lean and defined upper body to go with your slim waist this summer, high-intensity resistance training with giant sets and plyometics will do the job.

This month we are happy to introduce a new column by glute guru Bret Contreras, who many people consider to be the world’s foremost expert on glute training. Bret, who has already written a few articles on our website, has a master’s degree from ASU and a CSCS certification from the NSCA. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in sports science at AUT University, and is the owner of a research and training facility called The Glute Lab. Each month, Bret will share tips and tricks for getting great glutes based on the best research. Check out his first column, where he discusses the importance of the mind-muscle connection, in the February issue.

The rest of the issue is packed with the latest scientific research on healthy eating, exercise, training and even more tips for making 2015 your healthiest year yet. You’ve got all the tools you need to get that toned, lean body you’ve always wanted— now it’s time to get to work! So pick up the February issue today, or to subscribe or order a digital copy, click HERE!

From all of us at FitnessRx, Happy New Year… and Happy New You!

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