In This Issue: December

Holiday Fat-loss Special!

In This Issue: December - Holiday Fat-loss Special!
It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season will be here before we know it! Of course, this means there will be an abundance of sweet treats and tons of parties, not to mention all the shopping we’ll be doing. Often, we are strapped for time during this time, leaving little time for workouts and healthy eating. This can quickly derail our fitness goals and all the hard work we’ve put in this year.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the holidays— anything in moderation will not have a devastating effect on your physique. However, it’s important to keep training hard and to implement a few tips and tricks for enjoying the festive season without getting too far off track. We are here to help! The December issue of FitnessRx for Women is packed with advice from the experts for getting through this season in a healthy manner without feeling like you are missing out, fat-burning diets, and a few intense and effective workouts that are easy to fit into your busy schedule, produce results fast, and help you to burn more fat and tone up from head to toe!

In “Posterior Power with IFBB Bikini Pro Justine Munro by Jaime Baird, you can train with our cover model in order to get strong, shapely glutes. It’s all about power movements, plyometrics and stabilization, and traditional resistance exercises. This is a truly powerful program that includes modifications for beginners, and also uses bands to build strength and stability. Add another dimension to your training with Justine’s explosive lower body blast!

If you’re busy this holiday season, it’s important to be smart about your training so that you can get more done in less time. In “Fit Fast: The Scientific 7-Minute Workout” by Jaime Baird, IFBB Pro Jennifer Andrews demonstrates high-intensity circuit training that will maximize results in the shortest amount of time. These two seven-minute programs are based on bodyweight, so no gym is necessary, and they were created using the latest scientific research on exercise selection and order, repetitions and rest intervals. Amp up your results, and add weights for an even bigger calorie burn!

Jen Widerstrom, one of the new trainers on “The Biggest Loser,” is a big fan of training like an athlete, because she believes it produces the best results. In “Getting to the Core with Jen Widerstrom” by Lisa Steuer, Jen shares her secrets for getting in shape, surviving the holidays and more, as well as her very own core-tightening workout. This unique workout consists of some moves created by Jen herself— so this is a great way to change up your training and tighten up!

Intermittent fasting continues to be a popular fat-loss method, and it may just be what you need to get back on track after indulging this season. In “The Holiday Recovery Diet,” Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD examines the science behind the method and advises how to safely implement it into your own plan for the best results. If you’ve reached a plateau or are just looking for a different way to approach your diet, check out the science behind intermittent fasting and find out why so many others are turning to this method.

This season, you don’t need to stress over those few extra holiday cookies you’ll most likely have… just get right back by training hard and fueling your body with what it needs to burn fat and stay healthy. With all the latest scientific research on diets, training, fat loss and more in this issue, you’ll stay on track and feel good about your progress! So be sure to pick up the December issue for a healthy and fit holiday season!

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