First Look: Dec. ’12 FitnessRx

The Holiday Fat-Loss Special!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it can be more difficult than usual to stick to your fitness goals during that time. At every holiday party, there are so many fattening dessert temptations, and it’s hard to find time for your workouts in between shopping, family gatherings, and other obligations. So this month we have put together the ultimate, scientifically-backed guide to help you stay in shape— and even lose weight, tone up and blast fat— during the holiday season!

In “Time-Saving Holiday Training Guide with Amanda Latona” by Jaime Baird, you’ll find everything you need to stay on track this holiday season. Amanda’s holiday workout guide has got it all— upper, lower and full body options; simple equipment; plyometrics; time-saving circuits; holiday HITT training; and much more. It’s all designed to give you the most efficient workout no matter how busy you may be. “The greatest gift you can give yourself is health and fitness. To me, being healthy is not just being fit— it’s a balance of being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually,” says Amanda.

Our cover model Nathalia Melo knows just what it takes to whip her butt in to shape. So who better to show us how to tighten our tushes this winter? In “Nathalia Melo’s Butt-Shaping Workout” by Jaime Baird, Nathalia shares her derriere-shaping workouts and secrets to getting a tight and toned booty. She may have been born with a Brazilian booty, but she’s had to train her backside into the sculpted masterpiece that has graced magazine covers and catapulted her to the top of the IFBB Bikini division. “Sexy is a mix of confidence, intelligence and class,” says Nathalia. “I think a woman is most sexy when she feels confident in her skin, saying things she believes in whether others agree with it or not.”


Toned glutes are great, but they are even better when you’ve got flat abs, too. In October’s issue, IFBB Bikini Pro Dianna Dahlgren showed us how to look great in our jeans. Dianna is back in this issue to show us how to sculpt our midsections! In “Tight and Toned Abs Workout with Dianna Dahlgren” by Jaime Baird, Dianna takes us through her flat ab circuit and shares her training tips and tricks. She’s got some of the best abs in the IFBB Bikini division, so get ready to tone your abs from flab to fab! “When training your abs, make sure to really concentrate on the muscle working and that you are feeling a good burn by the end of each set,” says Dianna. This is just one of the many helpful training tips Dianna shares, so be sure to check out the feature for much more.

But all that exercise won’t matter much if you don’t make an effort to eat healthy— which is particularly difficult during the holiday season. To make it more simple, make sure you check out “Prevent Holiday Weight Gain: 10 Steps to a Holiday Diet” by Susan Kleiner, Ph.D, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN. Since it’s nearly inevitable that something will disrupt your usual healthy-eating routine, here’s a routine created especially for the holidays. The simple tips, meal plan, and healthy and delicious recipes will help ensure you stick to your goals this season!

Make this holiday season a healthy one! The tools you need to stay on track this holiday season can all be found in this month’s FitnessRx— from the latest research on nutrition and training, to the most effective time-saving workouts, advice from the experts, and much more. So prepare yourself for a fit and healthy holiday by picking up a copy of the December issue today!

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