In This Issue: April

Get Bikini Ready for Summer!

In This Issue: April - Get Bikini Ready for Summer!
It might be hard to believe, but summer will be here before we know it. That’s why it’s time to start preparing now by toning up, blasting fat and getting bikini ready! All you need is the workouts and cutting-edge diet and training tips all found in the April issue of FitnessRx for Women! If you follow our advice and put in the effort toward achieving your fitness goals, you’ll be feeling confident this summer when you’re sporting those seasonal dresses and tank tops. So come on— let’s prepare for a great summer season!

Want to rock a bikini body by summer? It’s time to get your butt and abs in gear! In “Tight Butt and Flat Abs Program” by Lisa Steuer, 2013 IFBB Bikini Olympia Champion Ashley Kaltwasser shows us how to create an award-winning bikini body. With Ashley’s workouts, tips, advice and diet secrets, you’ll be ready to sport that summer gear! “I hope to be an example that if you stay consistent and keep working hard, you too can achieve your goals… and then some! Never think that you are not good enough and never give up!” says Ashley.

In order to get your perfect summer body, you can’t forget about training arms, of course! In “Tank Top Training: Tighten and Tone Your Arms and Shoulders With IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica James by Jaime Baird, follow Jessica’s simple program to tone and shape your shoulders and arms by building sexy muscle. In addition, you can incorporate the nutrition and conditioning tips to help you cut the fat covering up your hard work. Get ready to sport a tight and toned upper body this summer! “Keep positive and get right back up when you fall. Don’t live in yesterday or tomorrow. Focus on killing it RIGHT NOW!” says Jessica.

In “Turn Up the Heat and Burn Fat Like Crazy” by Marie Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD, we provide you with the ultimate thermogenic diet, nutrition, supplementation and exercise program to help you burn fat fast! Read the latest research on brown fat— it increases calorie burning, so activating this tissue is advantageous if you want to lose weight. And while spending time in the cold can activate brown fat, research shows that consuming spicy foods could also do the trick. Check out the simple meal plan and recipes and start burning fat today!

This month, we are excited to debut a brand-new column by celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson! With more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Gunnar regularly offers his expert advice in numerous publications and in television appearances, and his clients include movie stars, athletes and everyday people. In every issue, Gunnar will be answering YOUR fitness questions. If you have a question for Gunnar, email it to

If you really want to get bikini ready by summer, then who better to ask than the top Bikini pros? If you are looking for easy tips for improving your diet, then be sure to check out “Flat Abs: Diet Secrets of the Bikini Pros.” And if you want to take you bikini body training up a notch, take a look at “Cardio Burn: Cardio Workouts of the Bikini Pros” for their training secrets. Cover model Dianna Dahlgren shares her diet and workout secrets in these two articles— so don’t miss it!

The rest of the issue is packed with the latest cutting-edge research and tips to help you blast fat, tone up, get lean, and be bikini ready in time for the hot weather! So pick up the April issue today, and prepare yourself for a great summer!

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