Cover Model Insider: Jamie Eason Middleton

Motivation, Fit Mom Tips and More

We’re proud to have fitness icon Jamie Eason Middleton, founder of the popular LifeFit 12-Week Trainer, on the cover of our February issue. In this interview, the fit mom of 1-year-old August talks about body after baby, New Year’s resolutions, inspiration and much more!

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Cover Model Insider: Jamie Eason Middleton

FITRX: Do you set New Year’s resolutions/goals? If so, how do you approach setting those?

JAMIE: I do set New Year’s resolutions/goals but I tend to make them short-term goals so that there is less chance that I’ll burn out before I reach them. For example, I might find a 30-day devotional for the month of January or commit to joining an outdoor boot camp on the weekends. Once I reach February, I either continue with those goals or set new ones. I’ve found that I stay more motivated when I set smaller goals. Reaching them encourages me to continue.

FITRX: How has your approach to exercise and nutrition changed since the birth of your son?

JAMIE: Priorities certainly changed once August arrived. My nutrition was determined by the nutrition I wanted my son to get both during pregnancy and after. I’ve been nursing him for over a year now, so my calories have stayed high and with exercise I feel like I am far less consistent than I used to be but I’ve cut myself some slack and do more circuit-style training just to make sure I get everything in.

FITRX: How long did it take you to get back to a regular exercise routine after giving birth?

JAMIE: I didn’t really start weight training again until my son was 3 months old. It’s hard to grow muscle when you’re not getting much sleep, so I decided to wait until August starting sleeping better.

FITRX: In the process of getting back in shape after baby, did you ever experience any setbacks, stall-outs or frustrations? If so, what did you experience and how did you overcome them?

JAMIE: The mushiness of my tummy for several months after the baby was a bit discouraging in the beginning because I didn’t have a clear expectation. I had also lost quite a bit of muscle mass, so I was essentially softer all over even though I had returned to my original weight within months of having the baby. With regard to building muscle, I felt like nursing was slowing my progress. To get past this I knew that I would have to maintain far more consistency with training, especially in the areas of my body where I felt that I had lost the most muscle. I began training the lagging areas (my lower body) earlier in the week and attempted to train them up to two or three times a week whenever possible.

FITRX: You’ve been very successful in getting back into great shape after giving birth. What would you say are some keys that got you there, and is there more you still want to accomplish in terms of your fitness goals?

JAMIE: I am not at my goal as far as my physique, but I’m enjoying the journey and viewing exercise as a worthwhile time investment in both myself and my family. I spend so much of my day taking care of others (which I love), but I think everyone is happier when mama is happy. In order for this to happen, it’s important to create a workout environment at home. Since my husband, my baby and my job take priority, I often can’t find time to get to the gym. Making an investment in quality gym equipment (nothing huge) for my home has been worth every penny. Not only has it made working out much easier, it often gives me a few extra moments to relax as well.

FITRX: Tell us a little bit about your Lean Body for Her supplement line.

JAMIE: I am so proud of my relationship with Labrada Nutrition and the line of products that we’ve created. We really try to listen to women to create products that they truly want. We believe that supplements should be as clean as the food we put in our bodies and free of artificial junk and fillers. At Labrada Nutrition, our goal for Lean Body for Her is to support your goal to not only look better but to be healthy.

FITRX: Are there any more products in the works for the supplement line?

JAMIE: Yes, we have probiotics, super fruits and greens and several other products in the works. I am very excited at the direction we continue to go. Feedback from customers has been incredible and really encouraging. I’m so grateful!

FITRX: Women (and men) everywhere admire you not only as a fitness icon, but also as business woman. What advice would you give to a woman in pursuit of her career dreams?

JAMIE: Never compromise your integrity. Maintaining your values just might help you avoid a tempting situation or proposition that might not otherwise be the best business decision. I truly believe that good attracts good and that as long as your aim or goal is rooted in serving others, you’ll be headed in the right direction. Also, network like crazy and outsource the things you don’t know. Never quit studying your craft and striving to be better. There is always more to learn.

FITRX: What would you say to moms who say they are too busy to find the time to exercise?

JAMIE: I know it’s a struggle and I truly empathize with moms. They often wear so many hats. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. You simply must make time for what’s important to you. And, trust me, you are important to your family. Hopefully important enough that they can help you find time by either taking the kids out of the house for a while or letting you leave to work out. Taking care of mom is better for everyone’s well-being in the long run.

FITRX: What is something that people might be surprised to learn about you?

JAMIE: I am an introvert. I prefer one-on-one interaction with people and get overwhelmed with social media.

FITRX: Who or what inspires you?

JAMIE: So many things and people inspire me. Sadly, there is so much tragedy in the world, but stories of victory and triumph in the face of adversity or unimaginable challenges in life really help to maintain perspective. Throughout my career, I have been exposed to and met so many inspirational people both online and in person.

FITRX: What are some of your favorite ways to de-stress?

JAMIE: I love to bake, get a massage or just unplug for the day and avoid all technology. Hanging out on my parent’s houseboat on the lake is a great way to do that.

FITRX: What are your goals for 2015?

JAMIE: Launch my free post-pregnancy trainer on, continue to grow and develop our Lean Body for Her line and possibly, God-willing, have another baby.

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