Success Story: Channa Harrison

“I Can Actually See My Abs”

Channa Harrison’s experience with dieting, weight loss and fitness is something many people can relate to. Although the 45-year-old mother of two has always been a gym regular— often going five days a week— Channa admits that she never pushed herself and that her diet was her biggest downfall. “I would eat pretty healthy most of the week. When Saturday and Sunday came, it was cheat day— or actually, cheat weekend!”

As a result, Channa would find herself starting over every Monday. “Any accomplishments I made through the week were gone. If we had a vacation or special event that I needed to lose weight for, I would crash diet for a few weeks and drop a few pounds. As usual, I would binge afterward and usually gain more than when I started.”

Finally Seeing Results

FITRX-SUCCESS-CHANNA-HARRISON-ins2Everything changed when through our Facebook page, Channa won a giveaway with Ideal Bodies Online. As a winner, Channa received personal coaching from Sue Heintze, the founder of Ideal Bodies Online, through their 12 Week Body Makeover Program.

After completing the program, Channa has lost 12 pounds and 14 inches. “My biggest accomplishment is that I can actually see my abs. That is something I have tried for years to accomplish and I am finally having success with Ideal Bodies Online.”

FITRX-SUCCESS-CHANNA-HARRISON-ins3The Body Makeover program by Ideal Bodies is a personalized 12-week program, originated by Sue Heintze, who first created program for herself when she frustrated with her own lack of results. After her own transformation, Sue started Ideal Bodies Online to help others. She writes the diet and training programs from scratch based on a detailed health and fitness questionnaire of each client. It comes with a one-on-one email coach and unlimited support. “It’s ideal for those with special dietary requirements or those who need to work around injury issues,” said Sue.

Channa admits she was hesitant when first starting the program— her biggest fear was that she would only have a limited amount of calories per day and would end up “starving.” However, that was not the case. “I started eating the right food in the exact amounts at the right time according to my workout. The first week, I thought it would be too much to handle trying to measure, weigh and always eat on time. After week two and deciding to make my meal plans out a week in advance, it became much easier. I also learned portion size after the first couple of weeks and didn’t have to measure and weigh my food constantly.”

FITRX-SUCCESS-CHANNA-HARRISON-ins4Before long, Channa was forming a routine and began seeing results. “After my sixth week, I started seeing the biggest difference in my body. Not only was I losing weight and inches, I was gaining muscle. By my eighth week, everyone was noticing.”

Channa says she’s never before achieved results like this. “I am still with [Ideal Bodies Online] and continuing to lose inches and gain muscle. I could not be happier with the results that I have achieved with Idea Bodies… at 45, I am more confident and feel healthier than I did in my 20s.”

Keys to Successful Weight Loss

It often takes a few tries to get into the right mindset to lose weight, said Channa’s coach Sue, adding that it’s important to not make yourself feel guilty or ashamed if you’ve tried and not yet succeeded.

“Don’t ever give up! Hopefully each time you have learned a little more about yourself, what worked and what didn’t, and you can apply those lessons ongoing. It’s also important to understand that your past is just that— past— and it does not have to be your future,” she said.

FITRX-SUCCESS-CHANNA-HARRISON-ins5Sue advises putting your heart, soul and passion into your fitness goals, if you really want to achieve results. “And when you don’t feel like going to the gym, or cooking that healthy dinner— do it anyway! And most important— if you eat something off plan, just get right back on track the very next meal.”

It’s also important to understand that it will take time. “When you understand and accept that it will take more than a week or a month, that consistency and patience IS required and you start looking for ways to overcome your obstacles rather than use them as excuses, you’ll be amazed and what you can achieve!”

Here are a few more weight-loss success tips, from Channa:

• Discipline. “I believe one of the most successful weight loss keys is being disciplined. You have to stay on track. Set goals, and weigh and measure at the end of every week.”

• Cheat carefully. “Give yourself a cheat meal but do not let it turn into a cheat day or week. Only keep foods that are on your diet plan in your house.”

• Always be prepared. “Prepare the night before according to your daily schedule. Pack a lunch for work. If you are going to be out pack snacks, i.e. fruit, almonds, string cheese, protein bars. And always drink plenty of water.”

New 40-day Program From Ideal Bodies

Channa is now starting Ideal Bodies’ new 40 Day MAX Fat Burn. This all-encompassing program is ideal for yo-yo dieters, busy career women and moms who need a realistic and easy-to-implement plan that fits in with their hectic lifestyle, said Sue. She spent 12 months designing this program after surveying more than 1,000 women who said they can’t stick to a program because they constantly feel deprived in so many areas when dieting.

The program comes with 77 easy-to-cook, family-friendly recipes with inexpensive food, and 40 meal plans with interchangeable meals and snacks, so there’s no food wastage. “We want something that’s healthy and that gets fast results— but something that is also easy to implement, and is enjoyable,” said Sue. “Like most traditional fat-loss programs, 40 Day MAX Fat Burn doesn’t require you to cook separate meals for your family and, you get to enjoy wine (if desired) and treats all the way through! It’s not a diet— it’s a lifestyle!”

There’s also a variety of workout options for different fitness levels and it comes with home workout options too. “One of the greatest things is the 30 x 10 minute workouts— when you don’t have time for a regular workout, just replace with one of these high-intensity sessions. Everyone can find 10 minutes a day to exercise!” said Sue.

But it’s not just a 40 day program. “We have a Lifestyle Club that allows members to continue this healthy way of life by adding delicious new recipes and challenging workouts, every month,” said Sue.

Looking Ahead

Channa is going to continue to work out with Ideal Bodies Online, and is considering competing one day. “I still have a ways to go and a lot to accomplish. However, I feel like the confidence that I have now and the results that I am seeing will keep me pushing toward my goal.”

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Lisa Steuer

Lisa Steuer is a journalist and freelance writer, and formerly the managing editor of FitnessRx for Women. Lisa is currently a Content Developer at Flexographic Technical Association.

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